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Is there any particular weather that gets you really excited?

Asked by NaturallyMe (4922points) October 7th, 2010

For me, it’s rain. I get excited and warm and fuzzy inside when i see rain clouds or hear thunder. Hehe.

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I get excited over severe weather threats. I always feel a tiny bit guilty admitting that, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t. If there is a chance of a severe thunderstorm or it is a particularly muggy day and there is a potential tornado brewing… I am like a kid at Christmas. Excited is an understatement.

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@TheOnlyNeffie Same here. :) Sort of….i don’t know how excited i’d be about something that could damage my house though, haha. (we don’t really have any really severe or dangerous weather thingies here).

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I adore a good thunder storm!

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Yes- rain and snow!

We don’t get much rain here during spring, summer, or fall, so I really get excited if we get a rainstorm that drops at least an inch of rain during any of those seasons.

About the only substantial summer rain that we’ve gotten in the 55 years that I’ve been living here, was delivered by my beloved tropical storm Doreen in August, 1977.
She showered us with about 2½” over a 2 or 3 day period and for that time, Hell A was a tropical paradise for me.

We haven’t had snow here since January, 1962, so I’d be in seasonal ecstasy if we got a winter blanket for my birthday, xmas, or any other day during autumn, winter, or spring.

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YES….I love the weather we are having now. Fall , fall, fall, and fall. Low humidity and 75 degrees… that makes me want to get naked and run through the woods!

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The day that I wake up, go outside and SMELL spring. AHHHHH theres nothing like it. You just know that life is returning, Makes me want to sit in a field of tulips and daffodils. (but i goota wait) Although that first day of snow is wonderful as well cause I love to ski!

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Sunshine. When I see that lovely ball of yellow in the sky my face turns into a huge smile :))))))

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@partyparty you smile regardless….that is just you! A positive attitude brings sunshine on a cloudy!

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@Brian1946 We’re exactly the opposite here, we get all our rain in Spring and Summer! SA is not known for getting snow, but in the town that we moved to now, it snowed last year winter, so much that it covered everything at least 10cm thick! The first time for that to happen i think. It’d be exciting if that happened. :D

@thekoukoureport Yes, however much i love winter, it IS great when you begin to smell the flowers and spring. :)

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“We’re exactly the opposite here, we get all our rain in Spring and Summer!”

Actually, what you say makes sense to me, because Los Angeles and SA are at almost directly opposite points on the globe.

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I was born in Essex, England, where winters were generally cold and summers warm and dry. Now, living in Cornwall it’s great fun watching the children getting terribly excited about the rare snow that falls here. Last winter was a big exception, but still there is a great deal of resourcefulness shown in the building of snowmen from truly minimal amounts of the stuff!

For myself, I miss a good thunderstorm. The flat landscape of East Anglia is great for seeing a storm coming and actually witnessing the lightning strikes. Here in lovely Cornwall, we do get occasional storms, but nothing as dramatic due to the lumpy landscape!

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@BoBo1946 That is so very kind of you to say that. I do my utmost to be kind and caring to everyone.
We don’t get sunshine and blue skies all that often in the UK, so I suppose we Brits go slightly mad when we get the good weather. I believe we are going to have an Indian summer – this weekend only LOLL (64F) – so I am already planning a barbecue—we have to make the most of every hour of sunshine we get over here :)))))

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@Brian1946 Actually, i think winters may actually become a little unpleasant if it rained here as well….i can’t imagine getting wet as well in that coldness!

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@partyparty well, I only speak the truth. You bring sunshine to Fluther!

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A rainy day—both actual and pending.

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@Austinlad Same here! The anticipation of rain is just as exciting as the actual rain. :D

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A good thunderstorm with lots of lightning is my favorite! I shoot video of lighting bolts and play them back in slow motion frame by frame and is some of the most incredible images you will ever see.

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I love lots of snow
and I like thunderstorms

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Hurricanes are exciting to me. Boarding up windows, buying supplies, listening to the weather reports. waiting the storm out. Lucky for us we have not seen any in awhile.

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@Cruiser Oooh I hate thunderstorms… and so do my dogs :)
Sunshine, sunshine for me always

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@partyparty Sunshine is great and all but for me….just not “exciting”. Out running a tornado in your car is heart stopping….did that once and I prefer to sit in my garage and leisurely film lightning!

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Had one of the only tornados to ever hit my area actually JUMP! over my house! That was crazy! The pressure was enormous.

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I love a cold dark rainy day with thunder and lightning thrown in here and there;and with the constant sound of rain tapping against the house/roof.

My daughter wants me to move to Las Vegas but I tell her No! That’s just too much sun for me:D

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You lightning lovers are nuts! Have you ever seen what it does to a living thing or been in a house when it hits? Our house got hit twice when I was growing up. Chimney both times so the house didn’t burn and we lost eight cows to a strike (they huddle under trees in a storm). Give me a beautiful sunny day.

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Anything except hot and muggy. Blizzards thrill me to bits (just a gut thing, I hate the damage and harm they can cause)

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@Adirondackwannabe Loll….yes, i love blue skies!

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Blizzards are kind of fun, in a challenging kind of way. Other than being slippery to drive on they don’t do too much damage as long as the trees aren’t close to the house.

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@Adirondackwannabe : yeah, I love the hunker down in front of the fire cozy thing.

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@Adirondackwannabe about 15 years ago, we had a huge ice storm. My ex called me and was upset. We lived in a wooded area and the pine trees were breaking and sounded like a shotgun going off… I started home to be with her and the trees were falling across the road. Very scary situation.

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Philly area had like four blizzrds last year IT WAS AWESOME!!!!

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A thunder and lightning storm, a blizzard and the first spring-like and fall-like day.

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Those warm weather thunderstorms where the afternoon sky gets overcast, and you can smell the rain coming before a drop hits. It can be seen coming down in the distance, and it quickly approaches. There’s nothing better than sitting on the front porch or inside listening to the rumble of thunder and large droplets of water drumming on the roof. After it passes, the air is damp and steamy when the sun comes back out.

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The sunsets after thunderstorms are some of the most spectacular I have ever seen. With colors and shades that are just amazing and breathtaking.

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Ooh, I like a good storm. Blizzards and rainstorms and hail, oh, my!

When I was little, I’d run around the playground at school whenever the wind would really whip up and pretend I was Dorothy from The Wizard of OZ. “Toto! Where are you, Toto?”

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I love a good rainstorm. I also love foggy weather as long as I don’t have to drive anywhere.

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Excitement? Waking up to snowfall and ALL thunderstorms!

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Here we have all the seasons very pronounced. Fall is my favorite season. I love to be fishing in a stream and have it raining with lightning and thunder. I also love it up in the mountains when it snows. The skiing is wonderful and the snowmobiles are lots of fun. I have a cabin up in the mountains and you can hear it snow sometimes.

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Thunder and lightning storms, especially while I am at home snuggling. It makes me feel an overwhelming sense of comfort and warmth, being inside a nice cozy house while outside the weather is “frightful”....also, snowstorms. I feel even more helpless. I like being trapped inside. I LOVE STATE OF EMERGENCIES.

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When it’s pouring with rain so hard and there’s that chill in the air.

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@Adirondackwannabe So glad there is someone else who just loves sunshine :)))

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@partyparty Yay. At least there are a few sane people in the world. When I was young we worked outside regardless of the weather, so maybe that’s why I like it nice. For all you lightning lovers: Why doesn’t lightning strike the same place twice? Beacause after the strike the place isn’t there anymore.

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I love Autumn and thunderstorms. I love watching a good storm from the relative protection of a covered porch where I can still feel the gusts of wind carrying droplets and the occasional rush of negatively charged ions. That stimulates me as few other things do.

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Here in St. George Utah two high school boys were just hit by lightning and are in critical condition. They are in induced coma’s being treated for burns.

I love the crisp fall air when you can just start to see your breath.

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@thekoukoureport What do you mean by pressure?
@Adirondackwannabe My mum HATES lightning and it almost terrified of it. That sucks because i love watching lightning, as long as i’m in my house, i wouldn’t be caught out in the open with lightning nearby, that makes me too nervous!

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@NaturallyMe I like to watch lightning under two conditions: It’s not near my house, and I’m inside a safe structure.

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I also love storms, thunder and lightning, and blizzards with the wind howling. I love them best when I’m inside my house!

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@faye Have you ever been so close to a lightning bolt you hear the snap of eht electricity and the thunder is instantaeous. Really close the concussion is detectable.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes, camping once. We were watching the storm from under our awning when lightning struck the ground just behind our trailor. we were on a good mat but I’m sure our poor dog felt it. She took off like a lightning bolt herself until the leash ran out, somersaulted, ran inside the trailor and was scared, scared of storms ever after. Children had been playing in that snd pit about 3 mins before the strike!!

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Thunder, lightening and rain.

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I love to walk in the rain, I’m always out in it!! ;-)

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yup! heavy, scary thunderstorms. i sit by the window like a dog and tremble a little. my family thinks i’m nuts but i can’t help it. i love storms. and now that i have the best rainboots ever, i love jumping in puddles too!

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Same weather as you, fall weather. I can wear more comfortable clothes, sleep more snuggled up, eat a greater variety of foods I crave and have more physical energy to do just about anything.

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@Adirondackwannabe when I was maybe 6 or 7 i was sitting out on the back porch of our house and a tree up in the yard got struck by lightning. it was like something supernatural. the sound, the sight…i’m pretty sure my vision was orange for a fraction of a second. it was so weird that now when i think back on it, i’m not sure it even happened! but, i am sure.

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After a long, dry summer, the first good rain of the season always creates a lot of excitement. We dry landers always hope it means the drought will be over this year.

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Thunderstorms for sure. I also love it when it’s really windy outside (as long as I am inside!). It scares me a little because I imagine trees falling down and one hitting the house or my car, but I love the power of wind like that, love hearing it whip and move the trees.

I get excited when it rains after not having rained for a long time (like @YARNLADY said) and I also get really excited when the hot summer weather turns into autumn.

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I also really adore snow. Growing up in the Bay Area, I never had a chance to get used to it or fed up with it.. Even after 10 winters on the east coast, snow to me is pretty special. And MAN, does it make everything pretty!

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@MissAnthrope I also like really strong wind, but we hardly ever get those around here, so that makes it more fun when they do come. Also, i must be inside, my hair hates the wind. :)

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Yes, when the Bright Angel campground thermometer shows 120 F I’m excited to jump into the creek.

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