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Are you sick of myspace?

Asked by hairypalm (889points) March 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I am! What other site is put there that is better?

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I use it infrequently so I could take it or leave it. Why are you sick of it?

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what makes you not like Myspace? the answer to that question could be important in finding a new “social networking” site. what kind of stuff are you wanting from a Myspace alternative?

for instance, Facebook is a decent alternative because you don’t get all of the spam users that you do in Myspace. You can’t customize your layout or add music in Facebook, but its great if you’re just interested in keeping up with friends.

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I“m just sick of myspace. Facebook is to plain. I don’t know, just something new.

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if you have an iPhone use irovr. Its a cool little social site for iPhone users. I’m stick of myspace. I seem to have higher quality of friends on facebook compared to trashy friends on myspace.

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I’m sick of myspace as well. I deleted my profile after having it for like 3+ years. I havent found an alternative other than fluther

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i’m not sick of it yet. i use it a lot to keep in touch with my friends from out of town.
i do agree with the trashy people on there, i always get friend requests from them.
either way i find myself on fluther more anyway.

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i never thought of Fluther as a “social networking” site in the same way I think of myspace. maybe i’m missing the boat here.

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if your response is to me, i never called fluther a “social networking site”
i just said i find myself on it more; meaning myspace isn’t as interesting.
if your answer wasn’t to me, i apologize.

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@lovelyy – actually I did mis-read your response, so I see what you are saying now…but I also was referring to vanelokz’s response that it is an alternative to myspace.

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this is pure coincidence someone brought this up on here because I was planning on deleting mine today!! I havent gone on In a couple weeks and find myself annoyed by it because all my little sisters do when they get off school is “myspace it up” (that’s what they say) and to them myspace is some type of amazing place!! So basically my heart just belongs to fluther right now! I will have to check out this “irovr”.

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I hate when people live in a fake world of Internet and text, it seems lame..not a big myspace fan just alittle old school .

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i never said this was a social networking site either. im just simply saying that i spend more time on fluther than on any other website.

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Myspace OMG!!! Honestly in the begining it was fun because it was a place for my g/f and I to communicate. Now I get jelious and I think it can be a plcae for trouble. There is another place called fubar“formaly called lost cherry for adults. Basicly a myspace on steroids and less rules.

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