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When was the last time that you used something that's based on an older technology, or a now seldom or no-longer used service?

Asked by Brian1946 (24525points) October 7th, 2010

What was the instrument or service?

E.g., the last time I used a pay phone was around 2000 or maybe a bit earlier.

When was the last time if ever, that you used a VCR, or a tape cassette player, etc?

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The last time I used a VCR was about two weeks ago – in conjunction with a transfer device so I could create digital versions of my old tapes. ;-)

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Well, I still have one of them CRT televisions. Might finally get an LCD this Christmas.

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I was watching the Everyone Loves Raymond show and his father loved his old records. So I put a couple on an old record player and listened to them. I used to have every Beatle Album ever put out but my ex broke them all to get at me.

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I use a fountain pen everyday.

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I still use my VCR. It’s one of those DVD/VCR things, but the VCR part gets way more use. Only because I still have TONS of cassette tapes that my son loves to watch that I don’t have on DVD. Plus I have lots of old family videos that are just on cassette.

And I also have a Walkman cassette tape player. I still have music on cassette tapes. Not all my music, mind you, but I do have them.

I really wish I still had our old big TV that was encased in wood.. and the top could be used as a shelf.. We had one of those up until… ‘97 I believe.. What were those tv’s called?? Anyone know what I’m talking about?

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@NinjaBiscuit They were called console TV’s.

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CRT TV with a roof antenna and a converter box, VCR player, Sony CD Walkman, corded phone (for routine power outages),

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@NinjaBiscuit CRT TVs, like I mentioned, unless you’re looking for a more specific name to the type of TV you’re describing.

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Almost daily.

I have an abiding interest in arcane arts. I have a blacksmith forge in my backyard that uses a blower manufactured by The Buffalo Forge Company in the late 1800s or early 1900s, the drill for the shop is a manually operated post drill, and my grinder is a hand crank model from the same era. I used the grinder a couple of days ago to smooth the end of the threaded part of a foil blade that I was replacing.

I also do leather work and am currently making a pair of boots. The stitching method I use is a good old fashioned punch awl.

As for Cassette players, I don’t recall. I have a combo VCR/DVD player recorder. The last time I used the VCR was to copy over a bunch of family video tapes to DVD. As for other media, I do still have a rather extensive collection of out of print vinyl records. I have a USB turntable that I used to digitize most of them so I could put them on my iPod

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Oh… and I still have a “land line”. The phone in my home office is a vintage brass candlestick model.

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@JustmeAman Yes! A Console TV. We had one of those large ones that sit on the floor and weigh about a ton.

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I have several corded phones in my house. I bought them to combat my teenagers, who never put the cordless phone back on the charger.

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@NinjaBiscuit we did too. Ours had a record player in the side top section. What is funny is we got one of the first black and white TV’s that came out. It was very small and had a round screen.

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I have a land line with a phone whose handle is attached to the phone with a cord as well. I have a vhs machine and a tape player and an old battery walkman as well. But I’ve only used the phone lately. My beautiful console tv, all nice wood and it swivelled! died some years back. I’d rather have a tv like that again.

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About seven years ago (2003), I made a recording on analog tape. Two days ago I was running my camcorder bought in 1996, which also uses analog tape. I’m trying to figure out how to transfer it to digital format. What is your “transfer device,” @iamthemob?

PS The kids were getting an enormous kick out of seeing themselves eight to ten years ago.

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I used just a couple of month ago an old old iron. The one what you use to iron the clothes with. But this one doesn’t need electricity. You have to put glowing coal in to the middle of it, and that makes it hot. I hope we never have to use it again. Too much fuss with it.

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I have three turntables.
Two VCRs – my son’s watching Charlotte’s Web on his VCR/TV combo right now.
An 8 track recorder and player
Three cassette players
I use a payphone once a month to reactivate my pre-paid cell phone.
Two CRT tvs, and my computer monitor is a CRT as well.
Most of my handwritten correspondence is done with a dip-style calligraphy pen, and good old-fashioned India ink.

And if you want to really stretch it to everything, my husband’s main gig-rig is a 1978 Washburn Stage Series guitar, with a 1990 Marshall head, which he plays through direct. Basically means he uses no effects in his music.

I am exceedingly jealous of @YoBob‘s equipment, and will once again express my desire to enter an apprenticeship. ^_^

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I used a flintlock rifle last weekend. Just for fun.

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We have a ca. 1945 cheap-o Steinway piano in the living room, so I’ll say 2 days ago.

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I haven’t used a VCR or casette player in about 10 years. I do still have a corded landline phone, I used that five minutes ago.

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I use a pair of cymbals to wake the wife some mornings. CRasssshhhhh! Never mind your fancy alarm clocks XD

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Cable actuated throttle.

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I’m sure there’s more than a few things but I do drive a car that’s 10 years old and use a celly that’s 5 years old.

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i have a TV/VCR combo, and since I had previously purchased a lot of brand new VCR tapes of Disney movies, I recently started watching them with her. In addition, someone gave us a bunch of VCR movies for her, so she has been watching them.

I also have a corded phone, which i have in case of power outage, but it’s also convenient for those times i can’t find the cordless phone.

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I still use a paper and pencil to write out my shopping list so hubby can enter it into his computer.

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Does using a hotel’s night clerk instead of an automated wake-up call at a hotel count?

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I bought an RC Cola soft drink out of a vintage soft drink machine, for 15 cents. the glass bottles had been replaced by canned sodas, but the thought of just paying 15 cents for a canned drink, out of this 1960s machine, was a thrill.

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The wind-up watch from my grandfather, till I found the time to replace the battery of my modern watch.

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I have a film camera that takes the best pictures!! I was sad when digital started getting popular because i knew it’s days were numbered. It broke, and i could not get it fixed. However, the guy in the camera store suggested looking to buy the same camera on E-Bay. So I did, for like $15. So I have my camera back (just that it’s someone else’s camera) but now it’s harder and harder to find film. I know eventually my relationship with my camera will come to an end (sniffs into tissue).

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