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What is the best mattress on the market for under $1000?

Asked by Jenapea (25points) March 31st, 2008
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I would say the memory foam mattress, It is about 500 dollars but worth every dollar.

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I should have mentioned that I’m looking for a Full size.

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Sometimes if you go to the smaller, family-run mattress stores, they will have floor models that have just come off display due to new product arrivals. My roommate got a queen size mattress and boxspring for less than 500, including delivery and removal of the old mattress. The other stores were going to charge her 1200 for the same bed! Go in there and tell them what you want, what kind of sleeper you are, and what your price range is. And make sure you go to several different stores, look in the sales fliers and bring them with you when you go.

Also don’t try too many beds in one store. (A good salesperson won’t make you do this because they should be able to tell by the information you give them what might work best for you.) You’ll start to mix them all up, kind of like when you go into a candle store and they all start to smell the same after a while.

Beds and sleeping are very personal things. So you should really gather as much information as possible before making a large purchase.

Hope this helps.

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I have a “Tempur pedic” type memory foam mattress that I got from I’ve always have inner coil mattresses, so it took a little getting used to. But I haven’t had back pain, neck pain, or hip pain (all of which I was having before purchasing the new mattress) and I love it for that reason.

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go to IkEA

You can find the perfect matress type at great prices. Plus their warranty is great.

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Great product warranties always convey a companies self confidence in a great product.

Unless it’s a total bluff : )

But yeah, beware the 90 day warranty on a $500+ product.

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I have some experience selling mattresses online, and there are a few things to watch for. One thing, think about getting a too-firm mattress for cheap and spending money on a good memory foam or natural latex “topper” places like sell tons of these.

I would avoid buying a memory foam mattress because the dark secret about them is that they degrade pretty quickly. If you only have a topper to replace, then you can change it and keep the firm mattress and maybe get a different pound rating – adjusting your firmness that way.

I would look at a 2” thick 4 pound density topper for starters. It will give you the experience of TempurPedic and hundreds less.
Buy the firm mattress locally to save on shipping. Watch out about shipping. If you to buy online.

Just my two cents.


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mattress, because

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Beware! Most mattess warranties are for a specific time period, say two years. What they do not tell you is that, say your mattress sags in one year, you take it back and they give you another one, that even though they gave you a new mattress you are still on the two year timetable, so the replacement mattress is now only warrantied for the remaining year. If it sags in a year, you are flat out of luck.

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