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Why is my wireless signal constantly switching to a non locked down signal (Mac)

Asked by tranquilsea (17756points) October 7th, 2010

It’s been happening all day. All of the sudden it seems that I’ve lost my Internet signal but when I check my network settings the signal has inexplicably switch to someone in the neighbourhood who hasn’t locked their signal down.

I have my signal locked down. The network is available, working and set as my default. Every time it happens I have reselect my wireless signal. What could be causing the switch?

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It seems like you know what you’re up to re: your system preferences, but just to make sure:

In System Preferences > Network, select “Airport” and check the box next to “Ask to join new networks.” This will prevent your computer from automatically joining unknown networks.

Click “Advanced…” and you’ll see a list of all the networks your computer knows about. Go ahead and erase all the ones you don’t want to connect to automatically—including your neighbor’s signals—and (if all else fails) erase everything except for your home network.

Your computer might be losing the signal for your home network, and then searching for the next available one. Then it will switch to that, because it can’t find the default network. If you follow the steps above, your computer will keep searching until it can find your home network again.

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@bob Thanks for the reply.

I do have the “Ask to join new networks” checked. What you said about my computer losing the signal is probably what’s happening. I’ve pared this list of potential wireless signals down to only mine, so hopefully that will help.

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