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Why does my cat pee in the shower?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) October 7th, 2010

I have two cats, one neutered male and one spayed female. They are both 1½ years old and have been living together most of their lives (not siblings). We keep the little box in the bathroom and have never had problems from either cat, until recently. The female cat (i am pretty sure its her and not the male, but not 100%) has occasionally been pissing in the tub of the shower. I know sometimes cats will piss on things when they are mad at you but nothing has drastically changed in their little cat worlds. Could there be an explanation on why she is pissing there? How can I get her not to pee there?

thanks in advance

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You may want to get her checked by a vet. Often, peeing in inappropriate places is a sign of a urinary tract indection.

That said, some cats like to pee in showers and bathtubs, possibly because their pee drains away and saves them the work of having to cover it :>) An inch of water in the shower might stop the behavior!

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@crisw is right. Suddenly urinating in inappropriate places can signal that something is wrong. Particularly if your cat is urinating on a cool, smooth surface (this might be more comfortable if they are in pain.)
You should determine who it is and take that cat to the vet. If you are unable to identify the culprit without a doubt, take them both.

After a UTI has been ruled out (don’t bypass that step), it is possible that your cat just likes it better. I have a cat that urinates in drains and he always has preferred it to litter boxes.

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Someone/something else is marking that territory…they smell it and are laying claim.

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my cat has chronic UTI’s and pees in the shower. (i asked Fluther about the cat’s UTI problem recently). Anyway, i actually don’t mind her peeing there, because to me, of all the possible places for her to pee that’s the easiest one to clean!

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@Cruiser She knows her owner’s S/O pees in the shower and is marking her territory by covering the other scent? Great theory!!!

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My mom’s cat does that whenever the box sand is too stinky for her liking. We are thankful she does it there instead of the floor or anything. As the cat has gotten older then mom thinks she (cat) likes less and less to step on litter or sand.

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hahahahahhaa well at least she makes it easy for you! my cat loves being in the bathtub but he doesn’t pee there…maybe it’s a comfort zone for her?

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My cat did that too! Good point about the smelling pee. My cat used to pee on places she had previously peed because she could still smell it. Do you think smelling the human pee could justify it as a place for peeing rather than spark the need to mark her territory? Honestly, I loved it because I’d just run a little water once I spotted it and wash it down. No more litter box chores!

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Better for you cat to pee in the shower, rather than on your carpet. be thankful.

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BTW to anyone who is still following… I caught he peeing in the toilet! I have never trained her to do this. she is an amazing cat.

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