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Ubuntu (hardy heron) on iBook?

Asked by ishotthesheriff (1555points) March 31st, 2008

I’m having problems. . .
can’t get the mac to boot to my ubuntu disk (I know the disk works fine b/c I’m using ubuntu right now).
it has no problem booting to the Tiger installation disk, but just isn’t liking the linux disk.
any ideas? . .

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Did you burn the disc yourself? I can’t speak for the iBook specifically but have had other laptops that struggle to read CDs I made myself. Maybe try burning it again or order one from Ubuntu?

Incidentally, how do you like Heron?

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I really like Heron so far. it’s working flawless on this latitude d620.
I did burn it myself, but I think the problem may be concerning the processor? (ppc)
I think only 6.06 will work with that processor..
am i right?

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Yes, the problem is the architecture. Ubuntu does not support the PPC processors any more. If you read the bottom of Ubuntu’s download page it states that they dropped support for PPC processors in version 6.06.

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7.10 works on a PPC Mac. Link to download

I got a CD for PPC (7.10) Macs through the “Ship It” program. I’m looking at the CD right now. But you are right, the download page does say that. I think the important word in their statement might be “supported.”

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thanks a lot john, i’ll try that.

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There still is a community maintained PPC version I believe. At least the daily build is still available for PPC. I suppose the beta just has not been built, but it seems very likely to me the final release will be available for PPC.

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If you want, you could look for emulators on the PPC platform the allow you to emulate x86. Although, I don’t know how slow that would be…. Different architecture could be painfully slow.

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