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If God had a Facebook page, what would He say on it?

Asked by Austinlad (16298points) October 8th, 2010

And if he asked to be your friend, how would you respond? For those who believe with such certainty that there’s an all-knowing Being watching and listening (and I don’t mean Steve Jobs), it’s bound to happen.

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He would say:

“Quit wasting time on that damned computer and go outside and play!”

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About Me: BRB

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“Jesus, I wouldn’t be caught dead on that god forsaken sack of shit!!” XD Something along those lines, perhaps!

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His news feed would be good.

God is now friends with Satan.
God is no longer friends with Satan.
God is now friends with Adam.
God posted something on Adam’s wall.
Adam and Eve are now friends.
Satan posted something on Eve’s wall.
God is no longer friends with Adam.

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@lucifer That is wickedly brilliant! If anyone can top that, it will be a miracle. (<pun intended.)

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God joined Facebook

God poked Job

God is gearing up for Friday!

God liked kittens, him tellin u he luvs u when u dont ask, and 12 other pages on ilike.

God changed his religious affiliation to I run this shit, bitch

God is in a relationship with Saddam Hussein and it’s complicated

God scored 12 kilos of coke on Mafia Wars

God is now listed as single

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God’s status update would say, “Gone fishing. Work it out for yourselves.”

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If God asked to be my friend on facebook, I’d probably say no, for the same reason I don’t have my mother as a friend on there – Facebook is one of the places I go to be able to relax and be myself!

Actually, since I discovered Fluther, I’m hardly ever on fb, but there you go!
Edit – Now, if God were on here, I would DEFINATELY add him to my fluther…

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He would friend request everyone. cue the collective AWWW

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“So now I know where you spend all your time”
I would respond to his request by saying “I’m already you’re friend”.

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@BratLady A bit too Corney =P

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There are different ways to find me.

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He would probably say things like, “come to me all who are weary, and I will give you rest”, and things like “I love you”, and “why did you….”

Yeah I would friend accept him, his timeline would have to be intriguing. What wouldn’t we learn from it?

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You stupid, I sent you to Enjoy, Feel, Smell my over all creation, and you got stuck on only one smallest part….You fool!!! Wake up and use your Mind and Intellect. Move on and make your journey worth while Son..

If he asked for your friendship??? Tell him hold on, I like to Know if you are” The true One” or
like many on the TV or on Radio. Remember I am on Facebook pal…

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He would do just as he does and is bound too. Allow the Universal laws to govern this world. And yes I would except him as a friend.

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