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After you settle in at your computer, how soon do you open Fluther?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30642points) October 8th, 2010

Is it the first site you open? the second or third?

Or do you not check it daily?

(Me: It’s the second site I open everyday.)

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Right away. First thing. Numero uno. well, you get it…

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Email, then fluther.

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Very soon. Muy rĂ¡pido. Ganz schnell. Prestissimo.

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After a few minutes. I usually check my emails first to see if there’s anything interesting there. If i’m not in the mood for fluther or for (kind of) wasting my time that day, then i don’t open fluther at all.

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I check my e-mail first, then open Fluther and Facebook in new tabs.

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I open fluther after I’ve checked my emails, bank site, paid bills, poetry site and crosswords for the day. Fluther and are my wind down.

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E-mail….. general sports pages… football team’s official website, then this joint!

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I open fluther and facebook and then whatever site I need.

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I look at my e-mail first, then Fluther.

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i check it before facebook now. im bored with facebook…fluther never gets old!

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5 minutes

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Sometimes within an hour or so. Sometimes I do not. Just depends on mood and free time.

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Pretty much immediately.

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Fluther within 5 seconds (depends on my carrier of course) then facebook and eventually I get around to email (I get bombarded with email at work—this is my personal life and email doesn’t make the top 3).

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Fluther is usually first or second. BTW, Fluther-folks, THANK YOU for making this such a great place to “be”!! :) Your work is appreciated!

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If Fluther had email, I’d only need Fluther.

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Fluther is usually the first site that I go to.

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First I check the BBC news, then I check the local police website, then the Met Office for weather, then my Yahoo email, Hotmail email, Twitter, Facebook and finally Fluther. I tend to be on Fluther for longer than the others and so that is why it is the last regular website I check.

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@Leanne1986 The local police website?

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For a long period I was only checking it once a day or so, but lately It’s the first site I go to.

@bob_ That means the website for the police station/precint in her neighborhood.

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@FutureMemory Yeah, that I understood. I’m curious about the nature of her visit to that website.

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@bob_ Yeah, they have a local (to me) news page and also a police dog puppy diary!

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@Leanne1986 Ooooh, I see. Do they include COPS-like videos? XD

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@bob_ Haha…no. They’re sooooo not that cool!

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