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What remedies can I use to kill and have spiders away out of my room?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) October 8th, 2010

I’m thinking of doing an extreme clean up of my whole room since my mother doesn’t want to call an exterminator and I try to tell her that most of the big spiders are coming the basement because I’m really not sure but there was workers down in the basement and they cracked out some big hole out the ground and I really hope they have something to cover it back up since I believe that’s where all the big black, very long legged spiders are coming from and there are some cracks down there too but I don’t think I have any cracks in my room(probably just from air conditioner the way it’s adjusted from the inside and outside). Just now I freaked out because I was just on my laptop and all of a sudden a somewhat big yellow spider came down at my face,which has never happened in my life until now(I think I have a phobia of spiders) :-(

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I have found that they don’t seem to like a lot of activity. I wipe my walls daily with a cobweb duster every day. This keep them out of the corners and it even cleans the vents.

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Put a parcel of flies and grasshoppers in you little brothers room. The spiders will leave you immediately, and nobody has to die.

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get something that eats spiders… like a cat

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Put up decorative netting around your bed and where you sit at your desk – that way you’ll have two “safe” areas to relax in without them dangling down on you. I almost crashed my car this week when a dangler went down right between me and the steering wheel. The rain brings them out!

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YARNLADY is right. Spiders are more likely to camp out in areas that are inactive. If the room is cleaned on a weekly, if not daily basis, the problem is usually eliminated. If they are coming from the basement, even an exterminator is a short-term fix. The structural openings need to be sealed off.

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Horsechestnuts spaced evenly along your skirting board around the edges of your room will stop them! Space them out 1 every 3 to 4 feet apart and your spiders will disappear :-)

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Perhaps you should try learning a little more about spiders- like how to live with them. Most house spiders are perfectly harmless and a lot less dangerous than insecticides!

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My friend the trivia buff claims that under normal circumstances, at no time is a human being any further away from some type of spider, than four feet. He also claims that humans swallow an average of eight spiders per year, whilst sleeping.

Have a nice evening!

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies In an effort to overcome my own irrational fear of spiders, I read all the sites that make those kinds of claims, but they turned out to either be myths or talking about teeny, microscopic parasites. None of it helped, I still have an entirely irrational fear of spiders.

I have been able to make myself remain calm when I see them, but seeing them takes a toll on my health.

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My mother was/is like that. There is nothing funny about it at all. I remember being in the car with her driving down the freeway a few years ago. She was driving, and a little teeny spider let itself down in front of her on the outside of the windshield. She slammed on the brakes and jump out of the car on a busy freeway, leaving the car stranded in the middle lane… very dangerous phobia.

As a child, I got one of those hidden prizes from a gumball machine. I couldn’t get the package open and refused anyone’s help. After shopping, the family got into the car on a dark stormy night, dad driving, mom a passenger, my little brother lying down between them in the front seat (before bucket seats and seat belts), and I was in the back seat all alone with my prize, still trying to get it open.

As dad pulled the car out of the lot, my package miraculously sprung open from my biting and tugging. It was a life size rubber tarantula, and in my frenzy, it was slung over the seat, into the front, and PLOPPED flat smack dab in the middle of my little brothers sleeping buttox. My mother could not believe her eyes! She thought a live tarantula had somehow stowed away in the car and was waiting for just the right moment to attack our entire family, starting with the baby.

One would hope a mother could overcome a phobia in order to save her child. Not…

Mom screamed and jumped right out of a moving car in the pouring rain, landing on the pavement in traffic as the shopping mall was closing.

Dad had to sell that car. And yes, I got a severe whipping!

And though I wasn’t allowed to keep my big rubber spider, mom was ok after a few stitches.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies That’s the part I have learned to control. I once had a spider run across my hands while I was on the computer, and although I nearly fainted, I did not throw my laptop across the room.

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HAHAHA!! I just freaked because I thought MY CURSOR was a spider!! I think that I am going to have to stop following this thread…

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