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Who is one of your favorite famous person who happens to be gay?

Asked by Frenchfry (7579points) October 9th, 2010

I just learned John Saul is gay. I love his books. Just watch him on Biography.

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Since seeing Ian McKellen at this year’s Pride festival in Manchester, I think he absolutely rocks.

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Neil Patrick Harris.

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Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry and Mark Gatiss are my Holy Trinity.

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Alan Turing, the computer science pioneer. He was more or less openly gay in an era when that was still illegal.

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Jodie Foster is one of my favorite actresses. I didn’t know she we was lesbian until recently.

Gaahl (vocals) from Gorgoroth is gay. (The youtube link is very NSFC – not safe for christians).

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Michelangelo. And since the jury is still out on whether he really was a homosexual or not, I’m putting in a vote for Graham Norton.

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I’m a huge fan of Stephen Fry especially and, although she is no longer with us, Dusty Springfield is one of my all time favourite singers.

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I knew I was forgetting someone way the hell more important than Jodie Foster: Leonardo da Vinci.

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Ellen DeGeneres, too.

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Ellen and Portia make me happy. ^_^

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Count me in on Ellen DeGeneres.

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I would say Ellen DeGeneres, except I read that she’s the one who inflicted Justin Bieber on us.
Therefore my choice is Rachel Maddow.

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Rock Hudson

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Stephen Fry is one of my favourite people in the entire world.

The late Freddie Mercury is another inspiration of mine.

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Ellen DeGeneres and @mama cakes :-).

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@chyna :)! Thanks, haha

Rachel Maddow

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Excellent choice!

According to Wiki, Rachel’s Roman Catholic.

Given who she is and her progressive views, I wonder how closely aligned she is with a religion that from what I recall, is officially anti-same-sex marriage and opposes reproductive choice.

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Because I can’t pick just one, in addition to many of the above:

Bill T. Jones, Rupert Everett, Barney Frank, Neil Patrick Harris, E. Lynn Harris, Harvey Milk, Langston Hughes, B. D. Wong, David Geffen, Kate Clinton, Melissa Etheridge, John Waters,Harvey Fierstein, Paul Monette, k. d. lang, Elton John, David Sedaris, Randy Shilts, Armistead Maupin, Sappho, Walt Whitman, Yukio Mishima, Gertrude Stein, Marcel Proust, Martina Navratilova, Billie Jean King, Frida Kahlo, Oscar Wilde, Tennessee Williams, Marlene Dietrich, Andy Warhol, Greg Louganis, Matthew Shepherd, Joan Armatrading, Herman Melville, Socrates,Kate Millet, Noel Coward, Lily Tomlin, Leonard Bernstein, Margaretha Cammemeyer, and my personal heroes The Right Reverend Bishop Gene Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt!

We are everywhere!

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Janeane Garofalo, Ellen DeGeneres

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I don’t think of people in terms of their sexuality, or their race, so this isn’t easy for me.
I adore Jodie Foster, and Jaye Davidson (he of The Crying Game)

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Uh, yeah…

Sir Ian McKellan, Stephen Fry, Sir Elton John, and…. probably a hundred others whose sexuality I’ve never cared to know. Looking at @Kayak8‘s answer, this could go on forever.

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I started to list mine, and then I thought, won’t it be a grand day when we can say who our favorite actor is, or politician, or scientist, or teacher, or athlete, or friend without attaching to it his or her race, nationality, color, religion, gender, politics or sexual orientation?

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Correcting my original answer: My Holy Trinity is Ian McKellen, Stephen Fry and Tim Gunn. Mark Gatiss is my Fairy Godfather.

Also, it is TRAGIC that nobody has mentioned Jane Lynch yet. Every time she opens her mouth, the awesome factor of the room rises and everyone within earshot is that much cooler.

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Ellen DeGeneres; such a sweet person!!
KD Lang; what a voice and fantastic singing with Tony Bennett
Tennessee Williams—top of my list although listed last !
Leonardo DaVinci? I wasn’t sure he was gay.

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@MacBean I so badly wanted to say Jane Lynch as well, but at the request of the OP, I stuck with just one & well… it had to be NPH. Just a heads up… Jane Lynch will be hosting SNL tonight – which means for the first time in years, SNL will be funny for just one night.

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Remember that “scandal?”

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Stephen Fry is hilarious. I just watched A Bit of Fry and Laurie this week and I’m in love.
Tim Gunn is a sweetheart. This weeks’s Project Runway was so cute, because it was clothes for Heidi’s line and he kept defusing the arguements.
Lily Tomlin is so wonderful and funny. I just love her.
John Waters is one of my top favorite people and directors. Such an honest point of view. :)

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I love Tim Gunn. I want him to be my supportive, stylish, cool, gay dad.

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Regarding my previous statement & I quote, “SNL will be funny for just one night.” My apologies, for I was wrong. Not even the great Lady Jane could bring SNL back from the dead.

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Elton John~~~

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Elton John is gay??? Really????

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