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What are two things that you are obsessed over ?

Asked by Frenchfry (7564points) October 9th, 2010

It can be anything, something you do or say, or like? Mine changes at times

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I asked them to sent the question back, again but noone did so I can fix it. boo hoo. What are two things you are obsessed over? dang it all.

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Right now,Mata Ortiz blackware pottery and the firing techniques used to make it :)

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I am obsessed with music and coffee. Specifically, I’m obsessed with this kind of music and lattes :)

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The closest obesessions I have are with lingerie and shoes.

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Well Mods must be on break. You guys are the best for answering you made me feel good. LOL @lucillelucillelucille I ll have to google the art work. I know you have good taste so.
@Aesthetic_Mess I am into energy drink lately. Coffee does not give me a buzz no more go figure.
@Neizvestnaya I can;t remember the last time I put something sexy on .Hmm maybe it’s about time.

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Boots & cupcakes.

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@alovehangoverr Are you talking about Boots and Cupcake the Fluther Jellies, or what they literally represent? :) Either way, I don’t blame you.

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I’m speaking literally haha. [= I have a serious problem with both.

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Pillows and Medieval England royal history. Next week it will probbaly be something else again.

As for zombies, they’re not an obsession for me.

They’re a way of life.

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Religion and politics. Bad combo.

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