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Who do you think have the best voices in Glee?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7894points) October 9th, 2010

Male and Female
I think Puck has the best guy voice for the club, besides Mr. Shu, and I think Mercedes has the best girl voice, and then Rachel

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yes I watch Glee

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Best Voices
• Rachel
• Kurt
• Mercedes
• Santana

Weakest Voices
• Finn
• Quin

And yes, I too watch Glee.

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I agree Quinn does have a weak voice

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I want Kevin McHale and Mark Salling to sing forever and never stop. And objectively I agree that Dianna Agron has one of the weaker female voices, but it’s still my favorite one, I think.

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Mercedes has the best female voice and Mr. Shue has the best male voice, followed closely by Curt. That being said, the duet between Rachel and her Mom (the glee coach from the rival school) when they sang “I Dreamed a Dream” was sublime. I love this show!

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What’s Glee? Is that a TV show of sorts? j/k

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@Kardamom: I believe the woman that plays Rachel’s mom was in the original cast of Rent.
If so, she sang the song “Over the Moon” which is amazing.

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I think she (Idina Menzel) was in, and sang, “Defying Gravity” in Wicked. I loved the episode of Glee where Rachel and Kurt competed for the best version of that song. Rachel won, but Kurt floored me with his magnificent falsetto!

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Kurt and Artie have my favourite voices of the boys and Quinn has my favourite voice of the girls. Quinn may not have a power voice like Rachel and Mercedes, but it’s soothing. I find myself playing her songs when the show ends more than the others (not to mention Dianna Agron is such a sweetheart.)

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Yes, but what about Artie’s rapping?

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It is hard for me to pick a single best male and female. Mainly cause I like many of their voices for specific styles. If I was going to say most versatile male gotta be Mr. Shu. Female probably Mercedes.

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Puck and Santana

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Kurt and Mercedes.

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Kurt is definitely my favorite guy voice, then Puck. For girls Rachel drives me insane – but I think Quinn has a sweet Disney tone to her voice. Also like Santana – especially her part in Bad Romance.

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