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Are Ferraris eco-friendly?

Asked by Drewseph (533points) October 9th, 2010

And are they more eco-friendly than most other cars or not?

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Yes but only because most people never actually drive them. Otherwise no.

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Most sports cars, Ferraris included, get poor gas mileage.

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There’s not enough information in this question.

By Eco Friendly I assume you mean as little fuel burned and emmissions created by use of the car.

I would say that for the extreme levels of performance provided for fuel burned Ferrari’s are quite Eco Friendly

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Well, I mean, are they contributing to global warming?

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@Drewseph All internal combustion engines, regardless of the vehicle they are in or whether they are petrol or diesel fueled, contribute to global warming.

Some engines are designed to have less CO2 emissions than others. Supercars, like Ferraris, are not designed for fuel efficiency or light carbon footprints. They are designed for power and speed, so they will have higher carbon emissions than say, a Toyota or Honda.

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No car can actually be eco-friendly. No matter what the gas mileage is, the sheer material cost and the cost of energy to convert raw materials into car parts is immense. So even the lauded hybrids and electric cars have a negligibly smaller “footprint” (a stupid and un-nuanced way to figure ecological impact, by the way), if it even smaller at all. In many cases, the metals and such needed for the high-capacity batteries are even more ecologically damaging to mine and refine.

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BBC Top Gear compared a Toyota Prius and a BMW (I think it was an M5) at the same speed, and the Prius actually used more fuel. I think the same might apply to a Ferrari- ie, it depends on how you drive it. Of course, this doesn’t take into account the environmental impact of producing and disposing of a battery pack. Of course, A Ferrari will use more fuel around town, but that is not what it was designed for. Most people who can afford one would not drive it to work….....

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Is a 8 cylinders and up automobile eco friendly?

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No. Stick some Ferarris on a track and push them hard and they’ll struggle to do 1mpg.

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Your post above requires an assumption as does the OP.

Ferraris could be considered specialty vehicles.

So we could ask how many spine tingling runs through the gears, how many wins in a racing season, how many points at a car show per gallons consumed and emissions created.

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