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It's a cold Saturday morning. What is your delicious hot drink with no caffeine?

Asked by Aster (19954points) October 9th, 2010

Without caffeine I’d probably say Dunkin’ Donuts decaf. What’s your comfy, snuggly hot drink in a mug? (and no, it’s not cold yet in Texas ; it’s 80 degrees mid-October!)

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I love hot peppermint tea with just a touch of sugar to really bring out the minty flavor.

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No caffeine?! Perish the thought! I always start my day with two cups of strong french roast!

I reserve my caffeine-free hot drinks for chilly nights. My current favorite is Sweet Dreams, which I started drinking last time I had a cold. It doesn’t actually make me sleepy, so I think it would be fine for a morning too!

I also like Constant Comment, but usually I get the caffeinated variety.

For an especially lovely treat, you could try some Candy Cane Cocoa. I don’t know how much caffeine is in chocolate, but the cocoa is mostly milk. I just use chocolate chips and don’t bother with chopping up some chocolate. So yummy, and I don’t even like candy canes!

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With @MissAusten such a way to ruin a fabulous Saturday morning by taking away the dark roast. In fact, I am not sure any other beverage is worth getting out of bed.

If I am making a beverage for a less discerning friend, I would probably do a Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate (for which there are MANY flavor choices as you can see here).

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I honestly have, at this moment, an unopened bag of Dunkin Donuts Dark Roast in the fridge. I simply haven’t gotten my coffee maker out yet and have been taking in huge milligrams of sugar drinking Folger’s Vanilla Cappucino each morning and I must stop it! I only asked because I know there are lots of other hot drinks out there I’ve never tried.

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Apple – Cinnamon tea with a little bit of lemon juice and honey/sugar.

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White Chocolate Hot Chocolate. I had some last year at an Albertson’s and I spent months trying to find it. I did and it’s wonderful.

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I’m not up on any kind of Saturday morning.


Unfortunately though, that’s not true, but all I drink in the morn is coffee or water…BRITA WATER.

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For me, the morning ritual always has some caffeine. I like the bracing combination of hot coffee and cold morning air. It gives me this slightly rabid fight-or-flight feeling that’s perfect for an early morning at work.

However, for just relaxing I’d suggest some hot apple cider. If you throw some mulling spices in there it’s really good. My friends and I mixed these with rum and it was delicious.

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Hot apple cider

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I usually drink decaff coffee anyway, but my favourite hot drink that is naturally caffeine free is rooibos (redbush) tea.

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For me it would have to be hot chocolate, with marshmallows on top, then cream and grated chocolate to finish it off. Delicious!!

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Hot apple cider. That appeals to me. So you buy it in those glass bottles then heat it up?

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Hot chocolate or milo made with milk (no water, ew).

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