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What's the best way to be secure when paying bills online?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (32864points) October 9th, 2010

I pay 90% of my bills online. I look for the little locked symbol on the sites I’m paying at. I change the passwords on my accounts every few months. I don’t click on links within emails. Instead, I go directly to the site to pay.

What are some other tips to keep my information secure?

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Use a modern web browser, make sure your operating system is up to date and pay on secured networks (i.e. not in a coffee shop).

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I have almost all my bills paid by my bank automatically so I’m online entering passwords less frequently.

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Use InPrivate Browsing and always log out afterwards.

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If the website you’re on doesn’t display the s after http, then don’t consider it secure.

I prefer not to do any financial transactions over a wireless network.

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I don’t have anything more useful than what said already But I was just wondering what @gggritso meant by “modern web browser” you mean a frequently updated one?

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My husband says use many different means to insure security. Pay most of the bills on the website of the company that receives the money, not a bill paying service. Use different passwords for every different company, use top level anti virus and anti malware on the computer, use an encrypted wireless network, and daily review all the online account balances to make sure there is no unauthorized payments or withdrawals.

Edit: His computer at work actually calls him on his cell phone when there is an unauthorized transaction, 24/7

MyNewtBoobs's avatar They let you pay most bills there.

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Use PayPal if possible or set up an account with mailnull
and cloak your re3al address, usibng specific email addresses for select vendors, instead of your real address.

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I never pay bills online. i do not trust it or the hackers that lay in wait to confiscate your account numbers and drain your bank account.

I use my cellphone, after nine o’clock to pay my bills. so far, so good.

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I pay bills from my bank’s website, or I use the customer service feature and call the company, and have them debit my checking account. Mostly I use the bank, though, because they take the money out right away, and my reflected balance is accurate.

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Whatever the browser, don’t use a Windows based machine.

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