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Do you make your hot chocolate with water or milk?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) January 27th, 2009

What is your solvent liquid?

I make mine with Milk.

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Jesus in a barrel! Water???? What the hell kind of drink is that?

Milk, of course! Preferably full fat.

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I guess it depends. If I make it from the instant mix and I don’t have any milk on hand, then usually water… but if I make it from scratch then milk for sure!

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milk…. and kahlua

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I usually make it with milk if it is a high quality hot cocoa (therefore serving as a “treat” which I want to enjoy to its full flavor). If I am making a cheap hot chocolate just because I need a warm drink I make it with water.

I also pack my own cocoa on campus during the winter months and then just pop in Starbucks and get a tall hot water for 27 cents… so in that case I also use water.

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I warm the milk in a pan until it steams (don’t boil it, whatever you do), then add Green & Blacks cocoa powder, and break up milk chocolate chunks and add little bits until they melt in.

When it’s good and hot, it’s ready.

Why would you even mention water?! That’s like asking if you should put soil on your pancake.

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Mostly milk with a soupcon of heavy cream.

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If I don’t have milk on hand, then I don’t make the cocoa. Milk all the way!

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As long as we’re talking chocolate: the wife likes Lake Champlain or Giradellis. I also have Droste and Sharfenbarger available. I hate to admit it (and this is a legacy item that’s been on the shelves for over a decade) but I also have Hershey’s.

My favorite of all time, is a chocolate I got at an Inn in Vermont that was associated with a chocolate factory. Oh God! After you have that, you won’t care if you die.

Also had an incredible mug of chocolate in a Hotel in Lisbon, but that was on our honeymoon, so maybe everything was seen through the glow of love.

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Water. But with some heavy cream added afterward, and whipped cream on top.

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@daloon Hersheys has a relatively new Mayan chocolate mix Cacao Reserve. One of my favorites for a better taste without the expense for something like Giradellis. It’s especially good with a peppermint stick to stir and some cream (made with milk of course).

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@dlm812: That sounds absolutely delicious! Hershey’s has this one kind of hot chocolate that I love. It’s white chocolate with little teeny Hershey’s kisses in it. They melt oh so slowly and add flavor. YUM!

Also, for cheap hot chocolate, land o lakes makes some great hot chocolate in delicious flavors.

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@KatawaGrey I had the Land O Lakes Raspberry Hot Chocolate the other day and it was delicious.

I’ve never tried White Hot Chocolate… regular white chocolate (like a candy bar) gives me a horrible headache, so I am cautious if hot chocolate would do the same. It sounds yummy though!

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white hot chocolate is sooo good!

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Milk and marshmellows, unless the kid steals the marshmellows—then I pout.

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Half and half.

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MILK w/ either mallows or whipped cream to garnish!

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You use water. It already has milk in it, dumbases.

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@simone54 – uh, not all the time.

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Milk. Especially for cheap hot chocolate. We use Swiss Miss Marshmallow Lover’s. With water it is just about undrinkable. Milk makes it downright good!

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I do not like Hot Chocolate too sweet. But isn’t a much more better texture with milk? I think so.

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Definitely milk, and I like to sprinkle a little cinnamon and nutmeg on the top – yum!

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Poor @simone54, who seems to have only had hot chocolate from a package, like Swiss Miss. That’s not hot chocolate, that’s chemicals, you poor, misguided soul. Come to my house some day, I’ll show you what real hot chocolate tastes like. You won’t even recognize it.

Oh yeah, “dumbases” [sic] has two s’s in the second syllable: dumbasses. Just thought you might want to know.

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@simone54 I, for one, would love to pay you a visit so that you may make me a cup of dreary mud water.

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Here’s an interesting tip: add a pinch of chili powder to your thick, creamy hot chocolate and mix well. Spicy chocolate tastes amazing.

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At Uncle Moe’s (19th St. between 5th and 6th in NYC), they make Mexican hot chocolate, with dark chocolate, chilies and milk (but you gotta ask for it special in the wintertime). Woo!

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@daloon, :D I totally agree, such “poor, misguided souls” must be made to see the light for that which comes in a pouch does not meet the standards of what true hot chocolate bliss surely is.

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Water, I’m lactose intolorant. Since the good stuff is so much better I do have it once in a while, but I usually regret it.

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@elijahsuicide – have you tried Lactaid milk? I can’t give up the good stuff even though I’m lactose intolerant, but Lactaid works great for me…

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@elijahsuicide: another possibility is soymilk, or even rice milk. Obviously, these will not be as good as regular milk, but they could be better than water, depending on how well you like the taste.

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Yeah I use soy for cereal, but for some reason warming it up makes it taste bad to me. I can’t use it in coffee either.

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Full fat milk! There is no other way to make it! Water? wth? :)

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