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What's the best april fool's prank/hoax you've ever pulled?

Asked by bpeoples (2526 points ) April 1st, 2007
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Sorry for just posting a link, but here's a collection of pranks I've pulled - the rightup with pictures is way more entertaining than me writing about them here
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Nice work!
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I brought a spray thing full of vinegar and told people it was Gatorade. When they wanted a drink, i sprayed vinegar at them.

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that doesn’t sound very funny… =)

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Maybe not the funniest…but we posted about getting a divorce on our wedding blog.
(We had just gotten married in late March.)

We crossed out all our faces in our wedding pictures
and provided information for how people could get their gifts back.

We had a disclaimer at the end of the post though.
After all, we didn’t want our respective mothers to fall over from a heart attack.

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