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Are online surveys a good way to make money?

Asked by XOIIO (16853 points ) February 6th, 2011

I am in between jobs, and want to buy a few things online via paypa. Are online surveys a good way to make money? I have lot’s of free time, and I can bust through stuff like surveys pretty quickly. Do you have any reccomendations for some in canada?

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I haven’t tried them, but I have heard from friends that they pay very little when compared to the amount of time they take. I believe your time would earn you more money in a base-paying job elsewhere while you look for your next job. Good luck with whichever route you choose!

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I would advise against this. I have done my share of surveys and it really does pay close to nothing. Free time is one thing, but patience is entirely different. I’m quite fast with surveys (considering I will bubble randomly) but it took me some time to even reach 2 dollars. I thought I might as well walk around and panhandle if that was the return I got.

If you really need some quick cents, then go ahead and do the surveys but I would not rely on this method for a decent pay whatsoever. It would probably be best to take the time and just go job hunting and enjoy the free time you have right now.

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My brother does surveys. I think you only get a dollar for a very tedious 15 minute survey though. He got about $50 but I wonder if it was worth his time, unless he actually enjoyed them!

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I’ve always been leery about stuff like this. If you really do have a lot of free time, you’d make much better money shovelling driveways for old folks or doing odd jobs for people.

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I am a member of two or three online survey sites and I am just about to receive a cheque for £50 from one of them. It’s never going to make me millions but £50 is quite awesome. I’ll agree with what others have said though, these surveys tend to be very tedious indeed and quite often I will give up on a survey half way through because it is boring me.

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Well this is dissapointing. Are there any sort on on-line things I can do? Everyone around here has snowblowers, and the weather is gonna be in the -30’s or so for a couple weeks. I just need $40 or so, to buy skype credit and the game minecraft.

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@carrielynn Can they send the [ayment to paypal?

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I don’t guess they use paypal. I just have my payment sent directly to my bank account.

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Damn, you need to be over 18 :( only 17

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I think that the easiest ways to make money online are online survey sites, affiliate marketing, and revue sharing sites. has a good list of sites that allow you to make money. has a good list of ways to make $10 in under an hour.

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Yeah you can make some pretty good money filling out surveys. You can also do some other things online like like drawing, writing articles, social media jobs, reviewing products, blogging, marketing, making videos, and probably more. I know that has some resources that can help you get started doing some of these tasks as well as more paid survey sites so check that out. Good luck

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