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Is there a term for someone who isn't easily impressed or attracted to looks?

Asked by chelle21689 (4961 points ) July 5th, 2013

Just curious because I feel like I’m the only one in this world. I rarely find a man handsome…there’s a handful I would think kinda cute though. Even if I did find a guy really handsome I would admire his looks but after a while it kinda wears off on me once I’ve seen them many times or gotten to know their personality. I just don’t think I’m like everyone else that’s so easily impressed by looks sounding like a hormonal teenager like “Oh my god, he is soooooooo hot!”

I mean, females and males I know do that. I know it’s hot, yeah there’s an attraction, but I don’t really make a big deal out of it. I guess I’d have to have some kind of emotional attraction to them or maybe be attracted to them overall on how they carry themselves.

I actually think there tend to be more better looking woman than men. I think there’s some very pretty girls but I’m not lesbian or bi.

Are very few people like me?

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Unsuperficial…not officially a word, but still…almost everyone else here gets to invent words.

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Mature. If someone is saying that just to make a good impression, then the word is liar.

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That sounds like it could fall somewhere under the umbrella of asexuality.

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Prosopagnosia is a word for people who have limited facial recognition. I have a fairly mild issue with it.

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I’m not sure there’s a specific term for this. But people shouldn’t mock you because of it.
There’s nothing wrong with not fetishizing people based on their appearance or secondary sex characteristics… Which they can’t control.
People do have control of their behavior, what they do with their emotions, and how they treat others.
I’ve fallen for some conventionally beautiful people, but I’ve come to realize that internal qualities like kindness, maturity, and emotional compatibility are much more important to me.

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I like the terms that @gailcalled and @tedibear have come up with the best; they’re meant to be complimentary.

What you have is not an affliction or a maladjustment.

I’d say that the word “mature” applies best in this case. Maybe even “wise”.

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For me, a person is only attractive if we can equally mentally stimulate each other- with wit, humor, stories, discussions, debates, challenging perspectives, authenticity, anything. For that reason, I tend to see ugliness in superficiality and beauty in depth, regardless of what that person really looks like—often I forget gender as well. So I believe we may be similar.

I don’t know what to call that trait either—but any word I throw out now would make me sound self laudatory when I don’t mean to be… :-D

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Genuine, and more interested in the whole package not just the shiney wrapping. I agree, I am attracted to intelligence, wit, and humor, regardless of packaging. Better a chubby, funny guy with verve than a hard body with the personality of a loaf of bread. lol

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@YARNLADY . . . so you’re saying that we all look alike to you . . .

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I second what @Coloma said.
Looks just aren’t very important to me at all.
Truth is, what is on the inside is what makes the outside beautiful.
My guy isn’t traditionally handsome, but he’s funny, smart, caring, sweet, and he puts up with my bs. To me he is the most attractive man in the world. I love his face. He’s the whole package.

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@Blondesjon I guess all us whipe peeps look the same. lololol ;-p

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@Blondesjon Yes, I sometimes even have a problem telling if people are men or women if all I can see is their face. I used to get in trouble because I didn’t recognize my co-workers if I saw them in a different setting than the office. They thought I was snubbing them.

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Indifferent. or asexual.

Indifferent: 1. Having no particular interest or concern; apathetic: indifferent to the sufferings of others.
2. Having no marked feeling for or against: She remained indifferent toward their proposal.
3. Not mattering one way or the other: It’s indifferent to me which outfit you choose.
4. Characterized by a lack of partiality; unbiased: an indifferent judge.
5. Being neither too much nor too little; moderate.
6. Being neither good nor bad; mediocre: an indifferent performance. See Synonyms at average.
7. Being neither right nor wrong.
8. Not active or involved; neutral: an indifferent chemical in a reaction.
9. Biology Undifferentiated, as cells or tissue.

Asexual: interest in or desire for sex.

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@YARNLADY . . . I’m the same way when it comes to folks waving to me from a motor vehicle.

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Can you imagine if a straight guy said that he wasn’t attracted to looks?! Not all guys are attracted to looks, or at least looks alone, since they can get old after a while. Pretty women with nothing more to show for it, or the women who tend to overvalue themselves due to their looks gets old after a while for this guy too. I highly doubt that even the most sexually abstinent folks (even the ones who remain abstinent so by choice) are truly asexual.

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@YARNLADY – I have this problem, too, but never knew there was a word/diagnosis for it. I recognize voices and names, but I can’t match faces to them. I never previously considered that this might play a part in why I don’t respond to the aesthetics of attractiveness. I am certainly far from asexual (@fundevogel); but I just don’t respond to visuals or value appearance the way others do.

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1.Having or showing high moral standards.
2.(esp. of a woman) Chaste.


chaste – moral – righteous – honest

A woman of substance conducts herself with patience. Even when her life, job, friends, children or husband drive her crazy, she knows that it is better to respond with patience than to react in anger. Because there is more to her life than just her friends or her job, she knows that she has hobbies and goals that she can look forward to beyond the present frustrating moments.

A woman of substance conducts her life with honesty and integrity. She is aware that it is better to get a fair promotion than a promotion gained from dishonesty or hurtfulness to a co-worker. She knows that life consists of more than money, so she would not have the desire to cheat on her taxes or keep an extra dollar of change the cashier gave her at the grocery store.

Other character qualities a woman of substance should have include peacefulness, love, patience and steadfastness——to name a few. She possesses virtues that make others around her notice that she is not shallow.

Read more:

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I do not know if there is a word for people like you, (I am sure there is one out there somewhere, it might be some obscure psychological term), but I can say from my experience you are as rare as a polar bear in Nicaragua summer time. If there were a word I would use, I would say blessed. Stay that way

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Yeah it means you are not shallow.
Don’t change. Pretty people are always nice to look and be seen with but when it comes down to having a serious relationship it is the personality that is most important. So in some ways it is both a blessing and a curse to be pretty.

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