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What do you suppose is wrong with "Tippy" the fainting squirrel?

Asked by josie (22422 points ) December 5th, 2013

Tippy has some sort of a problem. Just wondered if any of you have ever seen anything like it? What is wrong with this creature?

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Hmm. I would guess it’s a neurological issue.

It reminds me a little of the fainting goats, but since their fainting is triggered by stress, it appears to be a different cause.

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It’s called “Wry neck” which s an inner ear infection that causes animals and humans to lose their balance and equilibrium. It can be fatal if untreated. Poor thing, someone should euthanize him/her. Rodents are prone to it especially rats and squirrels.
It is treated with antibiotics but in the wild it is usually fatal.

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It could wonder into the roadway when a car is coming; problem soved.

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Tippy is a drama queen. :-)

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Poor little thing : (

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Poor thing. At first I though narcolepsy, but then I watched the video and I don’t think so.

@Coloma It doesn’t make them dizzy? I’m surprised the poor creature could stand back up and eat.

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@JLeslie It depends on the severity of the virus/infection. Some animals can bobble around for quite awhile but eventually they will become incapacitated from it.

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Does anyone know where this squirrel is from? If it lives in Queens Park in Toronto, I totally know this squirrel.
My ex and I would see him every so often, falling over as he ate a nut or whatever, and just continuing to eat on his side on the ground.

If this isn’t the same squirrel, then is this some kind of squirrel epidemic?! Are squirrels all over the place plagued with this condition?

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Poor thing.

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