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Is it still bigamy if you have 1 husband and 1 wife?

Asked by Juels (3445 points ) December 6th, 2013

In Illinois, recent changes will allow for same sex marriages. I was curious about bigamy laws. Do they specifically state having 2 spouses or does it state having more than 1 husband or wife? If it prohibited having more than 1 husband or wife, could you have 1 of each?

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Oh god, how did you come up with that one? Can you imagine the old couples bitching three ways? I’m sure it hasn’t been addressed, but give the politicians a chance. And the divorce lawyers are shouting eureka.

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I was reading an article about a couple that received special permission to marry earlier than the start date because one of them had terminal cancer. I’m not sure how I got from there to wondering about bigamy.

Who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear.

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@Juels You got that right. Mine come from really strange places at times.

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Having two spouses is bigamy.

bi = two.

I’m not opposed to triune marriages (or plural marriages of any kind) provided all involved are consenting adults. But no, it’s not legal as yet.

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On a practical level, how is bigamy different from a married couple with one partner fooling around? Yes, there’s a legal difference (two marriage certificates) but in this day and age, why is that important? Plenty of people live together for long periods of time without a marriage license?

How does bigamy differ?

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I admire your creativity. I would venture to guess not but who knows…

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I’m just curious about the legal ramifications and wondered if any states had loopholes that could be exploited. I’m not for or against bigamy. Just having a George Carlin kind of day.

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I’m sure there are some states where the bigamy laws will have to be hastily re-written to accommodate same sex marriages. I bet there are many where the law states “No man shall have more than one wife” while saying nothing about the number of husbands he can have.

In general though, bigamy doesn’t (or shouldn’t) depend on the gender of the spouses.

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