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Have you ever spit on or licked something to claim ownership of it?

Asked by Juels (3445 points ) December 6th, 2013

I just watched a guy at work paw through a candy dish. This caused me to remember childhood fights among my siblings vying for the last sweet. The winner usually licked or spit on the item. Do you remember marking your territory as a child? Or even recently as an adult?

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Too bad it doesn’t work for cars. I saw a beautiful BMW today.

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@ragingloli I had 6 siblings. You had to claim your share fast. Spitting and licking worked.

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My middle brother would either spit or lick the top of pop bottles so no would want it. He was a little snot.

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If it was cake, my brother would lick his finger and stick it in the middle of the cake. That rat bastard usually won.

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We usually settled these sort of issues with our fists.

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But back when I worked a bicycle shop when the new high end parts came in we would sniff and lick to take in the sweet tech.

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@SecondHandStoke What is sweet tech?

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When I sold Acuras there was once an NSX in the insane Imola Yellow inside and out.

Some woman had showed her approval by leaving a bright red lips impring on the driver sideview mirror.

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My mother worked in a bakery, she baked cakes, lots of cakes. My two brothers & I would compete to claim the best, most tasty looking cake. We’d do this by kicking each other in the nuts, the one with the least squeaky voice got the best cake.

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@ucme LOL – Too bad that wouldn’t have worked for us. 5 girls, 2 boys. A vag-shot just isn’t as painful as a kick in the nuts.

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@Juels With the added danger of breaking a toe nail in the vice like gri…I went too far didn’t I?

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High tech bicycle parts of particular innovation and or the use of exotic materials.

Usually involving a low mass your hands find difficult to believe.

I did the same thing when I worked for a BMW dealer service department.

Quality parts can be aesthetically lovely, even when the buyer might never see them.

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@ucme Nah. Go for it. You’re responses usually have me giggling while pretending to work.

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Haha…this is a first for me, no, can;t say that I have.
I guess if you lick somebodies candy dish that would be a pretty big claim to the candy being all yours. lol

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I have. Not spitting though.

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There was this one time, at band camp . . .

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@Blondesjon If you put your mouth on it then it is yours.

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I used to do that with my brother. He wanted the last piece of candy or something, so I would lick it and claim it. Though occasionally he would eat something that was mine and pretend like he thought it was his. Scheming little bastard… :P

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@Juels Depends on WHAT you put your mouth on. If someone puts their mouth on me, uninvited, they might end up needing a full set of dentures. lol

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Yes. Although I must say that kittens don’t take the hint nor do they consider it a deterrent.

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^Neither do dogs.

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Saw a good friend of mine do it in front of his room mates to keep them out of his milk. Worked so good I used the technique myself some years later. You only have to spit in it once. After that, a sign on the carton proclaiming “spit in here” suffices.

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I did it to my boyfriend; I’m proud to report that nobody has made a move on him yet.~

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My siblings and I didn’t do this, but my mum’s brother was notorious for this when they were kids. He would spit in a drink he wanted or lick chips / sweets. The thought of it makes my stomach churn.

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Not even as an immature pre-adolescent did I ever do such things.

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In Jr. High there was a bully by the name of Bruce Latch who once spit on my cake and then asked me if I wanted it. I said “No” – and threw it away.

Now, I would save his DNA and release it at a crime scene. He’s probably in prison already.

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I recall licking along the tops of all three rows of Oreos in the pack to claim the whole thing when I was a kid. I’m sure there were more instances of it, but that’s the only specific memory that popped in my head when I read the question.

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There was always someone who did this at the lunch table. A good example is they would lick one side of a cookie or something and ask “still want this? ” I’d say yeah, then lick the other side and put it back on his plate.

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