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Do you think they have to air condition indoor football games even when it is 20 degrees fahrenheit outside?

Asked by JLeslie (46156 points ) December 7th, 2013

I’m watching the Michigan State vs. Ohio State football game right now. Gooooo green! it is in an indoor stadium in Indianapolis and I am sure it is below freezing outside, although I don’t know the exact temperature. I was wondering with all the lights and people, do you think they actually have to air condition the staidum? Or, heat it? Most people are wearing short sleeves, a few people have on a very light jacket.

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Yes. When it is so cold outside the air becomes very dry. “Air conditioning,” in this case taken literally, is heating the air and adding moisture.

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@kritiper I mean air conditioning as in cold air to cool the stadium. So you think they have to heat the stadium? I just thought it was odd that they would heat it so much that many people are in short sleeve shirts. Seems like a waste of energy. Nothing wrong with peope wearing a jacket at a football game. It’s Indiana, they wore their coats and jackets to get to the game.

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If people wanted to wear jackets at a football game, they’d go to an outdoor stadium.

If I’m paying $150+ for a seat at a game at an indoor stadium, I expect them to control the climate.

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It is climate controlled. They keep the building at a comfortable temperature all year round.

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I’m hoping they do it simply by bringing some of the fresh cold air in, rather than running compressors to cool air from inside the structure.

The upcoming Super Bowl at Giants Stadium will be interesting if we have real winter weather.

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I have no doubt it is climate controlled.

Here is where I am coming from. In southeast FL the department store I worked in had no heat. When it was cold outside, sometimes in the 30’s (although rarely) maybe a hig in the 40’s the building still got hot from the lights and the people. We couldn’t just let cool air in, but I like that idea as @hearkat suggested. That makes sense to me, maybe the can just open vents or the ceiling or something?

@Seek_Kolinahr Even in climated controlled it is customary to wear sweaters or sweatshirts in most places indoors in winter climates.

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@JLeslie The air conditioning you speak of may also be needed to dry the air since there are so many people involved and keeping the humidity low may increase their comfort. Remember: “air conditioning” is just that. You are conditioning the air for comfort. Air conditioning also cleans the air.

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