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Is it worth it to go back and watch Lost again?

Asked by SwanSwanHummingbird (1255 points ) December 14th, 2013 from iPhone

Will I be looking for answers to something that isn’t there? I kind of feel that way, but maybe there are connections that you can only see when looking back in time.

Have you watched the whole Lost series more than once? Do you think it’s worth it?

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It wasn’t worth watching in the first place, once they started adding all of the mystical and magical elements. I’m all for “mystery”; that’s cool. But “mysticism” (especially “as seen on television”) is just stupid.

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No, but you can rewatch:
The Wire
Breaking Bad
Six Feet Under
Twin Peaks
and The Sopranos.


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Hell no. Check out @Blackberry‘s list. It is correct. Although, I am the only person on earth to not like The Wire.

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@tom_g I liked it, but I don’t think it was as great as everyone hyped it up to be. There were some pacing issues that really made it hard to watch and I actually fell asleep to some episodes. There were also no really massive buildups for some amazing climax. It’s kind of like a documentary of the people and their lives/situations intertwined with how they deal with the different institutions (the drug trade, the shipping/dock system, the print media etc).

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Battlestar Galactica > Lost.

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I’ve only watched it once but I’d watch it again. I enjoyed the ride the first time.

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I liked the flashbacks in the first couple of seasons, but I wouldn’t rewatch the whole thing.

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It was too much effort to be sure what the plot actually was as the series developed. I won’t go through it all again.

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I got bored by it after watching 1 episode.
Who was responsible for it?
Jar Jar Abrams and Demon Lindelof.
No wonder it sucked.

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Go back and watch it, there is always something you miss.

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I loved lost. It was the first show I ever gave of myself too. I would, have, and will watch it again. The magic has never died for me.

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Will you be looking for answers that aren’t there? In short, YES. There is no there there.

The vast majority of people were really disappointed by the ending and the way everything didn’t make sense when all was said and done.

I watched it for the first season because I liked the characters but when that polar bear showed up, I knew there was little chance that anything would make any sense any more.

So I gave up for the next several years, but I did watch the last several episodes because the finale was so over- hyped. Plus I also read several seasons worth of recaps from various sites to catch up. The ending was one big MEH.

And I’m so glad I didn’t invest several years of my time into this mess. Because that’s exactly what it was; it was a TOTAL MESS which made no sense in any context at all.

There are far far better series in which to invest your time IMHO. Blackberry’s list is an excellent start.

BTW: I discovered the same thing about The Dome. I started watching it for the first few episodes because of Stephen King. Then I DVRd the rest of the season figuring I’d watch it later.

But after the season finale, it was apparent that it made even less sense than Lost, so I just erased the remaining 10 or so episodes and freed up space for something more interesting.

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I’m with @ragingloli. One episode was plenty.

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