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Who do you think is behind this so called "war on christmas"?

Asked by ragingloli (34117 points ) December 20th, 2013

It is SATAN of course!
At least according to fox ‘news’

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“war on christmas” = what a crock.

It’s a way for people who aren’t suffering to feel that they are, a way to engender sympathy for people who don’t deserve it.

.As far as the Satan role… well, Satan is just as real as God…

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Fundamentalist False Flag Project. Keeps their flock stirred up and milling around their leadership (cough). Keeps the interest and income stream up.

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Oh brother….

Calling that nonsense a “War on Christmas” is insulting to anyone who has been impacted by real war. Soldiers, families, victims, homeless, displaced, injured, dead, starving.
The day we see IEDs being placed in the road or mortar rounds being lobbed into manger displays and hundreds of homeless followers being forced marched out of the city then, and only then, will Fox spews have the right to call it a War on Christmas.
Until until that day, the ignorant pot-stirrers should just shut the H up.

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I think Fox News and Sarah Palin are behind the War on Christmas. They made it up to provide more proof of the constant, insidious war on WASPs.

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The link didn’t work for me, but my answer is a group of right wing leaders who understand that if you incite the group at large they will be more committed to the cause. War on Christmas is the same as war on Christianity to these people. It is a fear tactic that works pretty well.

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You even got to “fox news” without your tongue rolling off its wheels?

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Obama? Isn’t everything his fault?

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Santa, Satan…eh. All the same to me.

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Throw this into the mix – what role does race play in this question?

Puts new meaning to the republican hymn I’m Dreaming of a WHITE Christmas

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See great answer by @LuckyGuy

War on Christmas, War on Women etc.

People who use “War on Anything” to score political points have probably never seen somebody blown up into three or four pieces or with their face and hands burned off.

It’s disgraceful, and they should be ashamed.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all.

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This just popped up n my facebook feed,

“American Christians expressing their rightly and understandably held religious beliefs are under terrorist attack by other Americans. There is no other way to describe the act of media companies silencing and economically chastising those who exercise their 1st Amendment right of religious expression and freedom of speech over the airways of the public, to which they are exclusively licensed. It will only get worse…this terrorism against Christian thought and belief.”

Same shit regarding war on Christmas. This particular rant was in response to the Duck guy talking negatively about gay people. It’s total bullshit. No one is being jailed, enslaved or killed for wanting to celebrate Christmas or any other religious holiday or anything in America.

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Who is behind the war on Christmas? fundamentalist Christians and right wing media outlets.

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The same people who expect Christians to approve of homosexuality and SSM.

We should re-iterate the ‘live and let live’ policy so both sides can be nice to each other and accept we believe differently but it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

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Who is behind it is Robert Jeffress, a nobody who gets himself noticed by saying extraordinary things.

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Christians are easy targets. Everybody knows that Christians won’t go out and blow up buildings and or kill inocent peopl just because somebody made a cartoon about Jesus.

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@gondwanalon As much as I believe overall Christians in America are peaceful, they certainly had no problem setting a mosque on fire a few towns over from me when I lived in TN. No one is targeting Christians or Christmas. The whole problem is Christians feel targeted and that is not the case. Sure there is a random person here and there who might have a real problem with Christians, but America at large is just fine with Christians practicing their religion, including Christmas.

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@JLeslie – This is a nuanced interpretation of what you said. I disagree with your statement “america at large is fine with..”

Most people don’t have enough of an opinion to care. Most people believe in “live and let live” and they don’t presume to opine on others’ religious practices. It’s not that they’re fine with how others celebrate, and it’s not that they are against it, either.

Most americans feel it is none of their goddamned business how another person celebrates a holiday.

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Or perhaps his minions elves were acting alone.

It’s a publicity stunt. Any publicity is good publicity. And with the growing popularity of Halloween heathens!, they’re just trying to re-establish themselves as the dominant holiday. In a round-a-bout way, they are trying to create this idea that Christmas is important enough to wage a war against in the first place.

That’s my theory anyway.

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@elbanditoroso I’ll go with that. None of our damn business. But, the Christians who think there is a war on Christmas think we do give a damn. They think we want to take Christmas away and secularize everything.

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Hate mongering the hate mongerers seems likes solid plan for ending the topic.~

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Oh yeah, those poor minority Christians who are only 76% of the American populace. As they try so hard to use the force of the state to make the other 24% act just like them, they get some push-back. That’s declaring War on Christians just like Blacks, as 12% of the US population, are declaring war on whites when they ask for equal treatment under the law/

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This short video is relevant, and hilarious.

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There is no war on Christmas.

There is however a load of folks on both sides of the issue that can’t just live their own lives and mind their own houses.

go packers

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Phil Robertson, the “redneck” “hillbilly” who made the comments, is a graduate of Louisiana Tech and was their starting quarterback – ahead of Terry Bradshaw.

Characterizing him as being ignorant because of where he’s from, how he dresses, how he speaks or acts is rather like the same kind of bigotry that he is being accused of – only using it as an “excuse,” from his supposed defenders, which strikes me as a tad bit hypocritical. (Pot, meet kettle.)

Let’s just say the Westboro Baptist Church has his back, and they have never been known to side with anything but pure evil. But let’s call hate and bigotry what they are – and not try to excuse it. Hiding behind the Bible or the Constitution is utter bullshit. He can say and believe anything he likes, and I’m glad he does it in the open, just as Westboro does, so we can give him and his ilk wide berth, and heap upon them the scorn they deserve.

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@GoldieAV16 A lot of Christians that taket the Bible literally word for word, in most cases, are defending Robertson, not just Westboro idiots but good people who do a lot of good in the world for theists and non-theists alike.

Maybe they cherrypick, but most are just trying to follow their God’s directives as close as possible. Excepting ‘loving they neighbor as thyself’ which is very sad.

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@KNOWITALL Wasn’t that “love your neighbor” stuff one of the two great commandments?

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@ETpro It sure is the most forgotten, seems to me. This subject is very controversial and confusing, I think a lot of us are thinking about it though, which is better than pretending it doesn’t exist.

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The two “great” commandments are “I am the lord your god” and “Make no graven idols”.
You know, the first two.

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