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Has anyone discovered interesting Fluther formatting tricks?

Asked by thorninmud (17248 points ) 2 months ago

When I wrote this comment, I entered the text as follows:

Water boiling in a vacuum (video)

Then I turned all of that into a link to a Youtube video, using the usual Textile markup. But the posted link doesn’t include the ”(video)”; instead, the word “video” appears when you hover on the link. I had no idea that this would happen, and it’s not listed as one of the formatting options in the Guidelines.

Are there other “secret” formatting tricks?

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Yes… Keep a window open before the time limit for questions and edit later… not too much later, but you can also keep pushing f5 and sometimes a gift of an edit will appear.

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^^That’s so cool!!! Thanks for sharing! A new but perhaps not very useful trick! I wonder if there are others hiding.

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Hey, cool, @thorninmud. I haven’t seen that one before.

There are a bunch of tricks in this thread but I don’t see the parentheses trick – Do you know any Fluther formatting secrets?

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@jaytkay Oh, I hadn’t seen that thread. Thanks!

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edit: oh man, that’s awesome.

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I found another today!
In this post, I had typed in ”[edit]” before the colon, and it didn’t show up.

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^^I just did it there, too.

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@Yetanotheruser How? It only works if I put a colon after it.

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