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Anyone have a long(er) lasting solution to covering/sealing a cut thumb?

Asked by Winter_Pariah (1490 points ) March 19th, 2014

I cut off the tip of my left thumb cooking dinner last night (the tip was non retrievable) and now a decent amount of flesh is exposed. I’ve tried gauze and tape, band-aids, superglue, gauze/band aid with superglue, etc (apparently, I’m shedding cells fast enough that the superglue adhesion is rendered moot within an average of 3 hours). I know I should avoid using that hand – specifically the thumb, but work and chores demand its usage. Anyone have a remedy that’ll work? The most irritating thing is the wind. The wind tickles the exposed nerve endings. I do not like being tickled.

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Superglue did not work? I know on jobsites many times we used electrical tape over some kind of bandage/napkin to hold it in place. It is semiwaterproof and sticks to the skin in an acceptable manner.

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I’ll give electrical tape a try, pretty sure I have some laying around somewhere. But yeah, the super glue didn’t work. I’ve known for a while that my skin shrugs off superglue rather quickly, but I thought direct application to flesh would be a different story. My body proved me wrong.

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Superglue is actually better for sealing and holding the sides of a cut together, not for filling in missing chunks of skin. Fill the missing chunk with triple antibiotic or some such before putting a bandage on it. And, change it every day or so, using fresh antibiotic.

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you need to wrap a long ½ inch wide strip of bandage/gauze from the top on the fingernail, down over the tip, and back to the underside, and then hold it in place with tape wrapped around the finger by the knuckle.and the tape along the sides, around the tip and back along the other side. That will keep you from using and or flexing the thumb. Do that for a few days, re-do the dressing after bathing. Try to keep it all dry.

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Professional chefs use finger cots to both protect the finger as well as to hold bandage dressings in place. It also prevents blood, germs etc. from coming into contact with the food.

You can get them at any drugstore. However, you should take it off at night while sleeping to allow the cut to breath a bit and heal.

Obviously use antibiotic ointment.

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One little trick you might find useful is to wrap as @Buttonstc suggests, then take a Popsicle stick cut to extend just past the tip and place it on the both sides of your thumb. Tape in place. That will act to protect the tip from banging on things until the surface of the wound becomes less sensitive. It’s a homemade finger splint, basically.

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@gorillapaws yeah, not dropping $40—$200 for the former tip of my thumb.

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Some 30 or so years ago, I came across this brand and their products. I cannot recommend them highly enough, and advise you to get a box of each variety for future events. In your case, you need the “large” finger bandage which is specifically designed for finger tips. I hope you can find them locally. After applying the bandage, secure it around the thumb with adhesive tape, and you will have a sturdy bandage that will hold up unbelievably well. You won’t believe how filthy it will get within a few hours. The thumb is a really busy digit! Other folks make similar products, be these folks have the best and most reliable adhesives. Whichever brand you wind up with, be sure to get the ones designated “fabric”.

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There is a product called Nuskin(sic) just for your problem. I use it all the time in the winter when my skin cracks. Ask your Pharmacist.

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Lol, thanks for the response but this problem has long since passed (I asked this in March).

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