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How do I get rid of this thing (see picture)?

Asked by Dutchess_III (26561 points ) 6 days ago

This is a screen print of my WWF game. Notice the “Smart Match” thing sitting in my ‘Your move’ section. I clicked on it to resign the game, but instead it brought up some other troll who made an opening move. I immediately resigned that game, but I want to get rid of that Smart Match thing. Any idea how to do that?

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If you have Adblock, you could install the Element Hiding Helper extension. You could also just not click that button though ;-)

Also, I don’t think that other person was a troll: it seems like a feature to find players you don’t know that are at about your skill level. The other player has probably pressed the same button.

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I knew I shouldn’t click it, but I was hoping it would come up with some way to get rid of it.

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It appears that “smart match” is a feature they added with the recent version of WWF. It also looks like it is permanent and there is no way to get rid of it. Sorry.

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@Dutchess_III That’s why I also mentioned Element Hiding Helper, although it only appears to be available for Firefox :)

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Installed @Vincentt! Thanks!

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So did it work? I’m not sure if it’s clear enough how to set it up :)

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No. But a “hide” button now comes up on other things. I’ve learned to ignore it.

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Also, I have yet to restart my computer. When I do, that may make a difference.

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