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What is Bovarro? It came in a jar, back during WWII.

Asked by BronxLens (1532 points ) August 27th, 2008

In a scene in The Great Escape a fellow prisoner brings James Garner’s character food contraband, including a jar of Bovarro (that’s the spelling that appears with the English subtitles).

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I wonder if it wouldn’t have been understood to be Bovril, a popular British condiment. Changing the name could have been a way of skirting trademark laws.

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It could have also been a mistranslation. Oftentimes, if the film is in French, I see some real howlers in the subtitles. I agree also with Harp’s Bovril.

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I like the Bovril theory. Lets see what else the Fluther team throws at us.

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No other choice. Bovril it is. (Like a jar of smashed-up beef bouillon cubes.) But check out Marmite and Vegemite….all adding to the oxymoron of British haute cuisine.

More info at this aptly named site;

(Sample of the prose; “MARMITE has a distinctive savory taste, unlike anything else.”
And: “Vegemite:rumor has it that one 4 oz jar is worth over 100 servings.”)

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Plus, most all of the prisoners are British. (also a few Aussies, Irishmen, Scots, the three Americans, and whatever the hell Charles Bronson is supposed to be) Great flick. One of the first I bought on DVD years ago.

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@Breed: Why are you not studying? Hit the books, or the bottles.

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There are a number of people named Bovarro on Facebook. I like the Bovil theory, but if we need alternatives, I’d guess that it was a made-up product that got named after someone on staff.
TvTropes is silent on the matter.

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@breedmitch: Bronson’s character was Greek.

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