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Is there a KJB [King James Bible] iPhone app that's also an audio Bible with text so when you listen to it you can also read it at the same time with the narrator?

Asked by seVen (3458 points ) November 9th, 2008 from iPhone

I’d love to have the entire KJB audio&text on my iphone.

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That might help you in your searching.

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I wrote KJB purposely because all other versions are really PERversions of the True Bible which is KJB , all others arent translated from original Textus Receptus Greek and Hebrew thus perverting the divinity of Jesus Christ by taking away most important origin words .

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Ah… I see. Just out of curiosity, are you, uh, joking? You do realize that in terms of source texts used, King James is just about the worst translation out there? I was just thinking that if you were searching for “KJB”, that might be why you weren’t getting results. But anyway, I don’t know about iPhone apps, so I guess I’ll leave you alone.

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@seVen – That abbreviation (KJB) isn’t commonly used, which is what aidje was pointing out. Typically, it is called the King James Version (KJV) Bible. Searching this, I easily found some iPhone apps that save the text to your phone. As for the audio, maybe you could find a text reader to use in tandem with the other app.

Some searches with the new abbreviation may work.

Oooooh look, mp3s!

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Also, as a fellow christian, might I suggest you un-flower the ridiculous language you use so you stop scaring the heathens? We’re real people, so let’s talk like it. And for your information the Bible is entirely open to different interpretations, hence the numerous translations that have been created to help people connect with the bible in a more relevant and meaningful way.

In a loving way, you’re a jackass. Focus on what’s important and get of the high and mighty horse.

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@ben – That was remarkably cool. As one of those heathens, I appreciate it very much.

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I was looking for an audio version of the KJV when I found this question on fluther. I also found a KJV audio with text app for Iphone – Ipod – and MP3 at the site below.

I’m wanting an audio version to listen to while I walk…but the additional text will be even better!

Hope this is what you were looking for.

And hey everybody… nice :)

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James III!!! Is that you??!!

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