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If you went back in time to 1995 what three things would you tell them?

Asked by Myndecho (945 points ) March 26th, 2009

Of course this is assuming you can only tell them three things.
I have a feeling a lot of people will say about the twin towers but if you use your noggin you will find a way to tell them more than one thing at once.

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Sell your stocks before April 2008.

Don’t go to New Orleans if a hurricane is predicted.

Bet heavily on an African-American becoming president in 2009.

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save, pay it off, and move out of the country.

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1 Invest heavily in Microsoft, Home Depot, Oracle and Google ASAP. Dump the first three at the end of 2,000 and Google at the end of 2007.

2. Protest our congress to immediately change our immigration laws. I would tell them that if they don’t, in 13 years they will have 35 million illegal immigrants, quickly making our entire country insolvent.

3. Do NOT agree to giving China preferred nation status or in 13 years, America will have no manufacturing and will be on the verge of watching it’s auto-industry go under.

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Pay off your mortgage now, while you have a job and a good economy!

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See I think if time travel could happen it would be like on the TV show Lost where it doesn’t make a difference what you do in the past, what happened will always happen. So it doesn’t matter what I tell them in my version of time travel.

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@hug_of_war: So now how is (child) Ben’s death going to be reconciled?

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@girlofscience: I do not know, but lost always finds a way to make sense of the senseless

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1. walk, bike, take public transportation. Copyright the word “carbon footprint” and then do your best to help erase yours.
2. The solid economy is not guaranteed. My advice: Bet your life savings on the Red Sox in 2004 despite the fact that I still can’t believe it happened (and i’m still grumpy about it), no one would believe it, but the one that did would make a killing, invest in Microsoft then sell it off in the early 2000’s. Turn all of that money into gold bars, and hide it in your garage which is safer than the banks.
3. New Orleans: make sure you have homeowners and life insurance, NYC: make sure you have life insurance, Littleton, CO: get a school counselor in to address bullying immediately. America is not immune to disaster.

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I was talking to my friend about the grand father paradox a few years back, I will not bore you here with the details but I personally think it’s possible to kill your grandfather because you have already been born and when you go back in time your taking yourself out of the time line. I had a rather large poll on it in a old website I used to go on.

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Steer clear of the WTC on September 11, 2001.
Save your pennies, you’ll need them.
AIG, Lehman Bros., auto industry: BEWARE.

P.S. The Millenium does not bring the end of the world.

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I wasn’t going to mention the Twin Towers (for the simple reason that it’s an important event in US history, but not as big to everyone else, and I belong to “everyone else”). But since you mentioned it:

I’d tell all NY Jews that there will be free food on the top of the Twin Towers on Sept 11th. Then persuade Bush that it would be a good idea to go talk to them, since they’re such an important community for the votes and so on.

It depends on whether you want to use the knowledge for good or evil. Are you trying to help people? And will they listen?
I could probably go back and tell my friends to invest in certain companies, or play certain numbers in the lottery. But would the entire population of Yugoslavia listen if I told them to evacuate the country before the 1999 bombings? Or would Madelaine Albright believe me if I told her that her favourite “freedom fighter” and his Taliban soldiers would be America’s worst enemy just 2 years later? And would she even care (because I seriously do not believe that Albright didn’t know who Bin Laden was when they were working together in Kosovo).

Ok, now I’m too political, but the question begged for it.

I’d probably use the knowledge to change my own life. Be more careful in my marriage (though it was this particular marriage that led to the particular daughter). Or invest all the money I made between 1998–2002. But I doubt warning anybody would have helped.

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“I’d tell all NY Jews that there will be free food on the top of the Twin Towers on Sept 11th”———seriously?!?!?!

I’m not sure where you going with this…but it just seems incredibly wrong to me.

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@girlofscience – apparently, i have some DVR watching to do. But, John Locke’s death was resolved. Twice now.

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1. On September 11th 2001 two planes will hit into the twin towers starting war with Afghanistan

2. I don’t want to show myself up on the minimal amount I know about the recession so (Details on the recession)

3. Do not by any means eat bananas – Just to keep them on their toes.

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@adreamofautumn no, not seriously (obviously). But the question tempted me…

sorry, I know people get offended sometimes. Didn’t mean it. Even Bush is probably a nice guy once you get to meet him.

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“Never again” will keep happening again and again.

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@Jack79 just checking. I was worried for a second that I would have to hate you haha. I don’t like disliking people.

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@Jack79 : please say you’re joking about sending NY Jews to the top of the WTC. If it’s a joke, it’s a terrible one. If it’s not a joke… well… I got a whole lot more to say.

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