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Who is the fiercest warrior?

Asked by Ltryptophan (10280points) October 10th, 2010

A living man. Who is the fiercest known living man. For this test, the man to be considered should be considered based on unarmed, hand to hand, no rules, fighting might. Particularly against well matched foes.

Who is the Achilles of our day?

Jesus, and Chuck Norris are disqualified, and not necessarily in that order

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Im going to go with some shaolin monk we’ve never heard about. I saw a special on discovery channel about them a few months back. One of the monks featured did the fabled 1in punch on a bag hooked up to sensors to detect the impact intensity. After breaking the first two they got a reading on the third. I forget what the exact pounds per in were, but they said it was like getting hit by a car going 35mph. THIS IS FROM 1 INCH AWAY WTF!?

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Does this person have to be alive right now? i ask because you disqualified jesus for some reason…

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@tifa…Jesus disqualification as Supreme Being, and invulnerability. Also, as technical winner of this contest the discussion would thus end. Chuck Norris also disqualified due to some who hold the belief that he is in fact Jesus or vice versa…or that he is generally also undefeatable.

It’s like when Tiger Woods used to play well. Everyone wanted to know who was second place… First was just reserved already.

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So what are the rules? Because both jesus and chuck norris’ abilities can be contested as supernatural (assuming you think all the rumors/jokes of how tough chuck norris is, are true).

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Probably some Israeli commando.

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well if you’re going sci-fi with it than i pick blade, because he has no vampire weakness’ and all their strengths, i’m sure he could destroy a ninja because his reflexes could be just as fast being a vampire and yet he is somewhat un-dead.
(shouldn’t all gods be disqualified?)

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Chuck Norris disqualifies the world; the world doesn’t disqualify Chuck Norris.

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one on one a klingon would kill chuck norris he is just a man with mad skills

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The ones who trick other people into blowing themselves up for their cause.

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@cyanoticWasp: i think i just did, fcuk chuck

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Our nuclear program is there to defend our country the day Chuck Norris dies.

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I am the fiercest warrior. I am also Spartacus. yeah,that’s right!

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Pure Jiu-Jitsu, no gloves, mano-a-mano, Royce Gracie (Hoyce) takes all, no question about it.

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Well I would go with Spartan Warrior…they actually make a show called the Deadliest Warrior , and they had experts and scientists running tests and computer simulations. The spartan beat all of them, his shield was the killer. Now let me clarify there are two types of warriors, ancient warriors and modern day warriors. Ancients did not have guns, so Spartans won against, Samurai, Ninja, Knights, Roman Legionnaires, Barbarians, and some ancients African warriors. Nothing could penetrate the Spartan shield and it was also a formidable weapon, it was entirely too big and the spartans whole body could get behind it. Aside from weapons Spartans were brought up from birth to eat, sleep and breathe that played a huge factor in it.

Here were the match ups:

Gladiator vs. Apache (winner Apache)
Viking vs Samurai (winner Samurai)
Spartan vs Ninja (winner Spartan)
Pirate vs Knight (winner Pirate)
Yakuza vs Mafia (winner Yakuza)
Green Beret vs Spetznaz (winner green Beret)
Shaolin Monk vs. Maori (winner Shaolin Monk)
William Wallace vs Shaka Zulu (winner William Wallace)
IRA vs Taliban (winner Taliban)
SWAT vs. GSG 9 (winner SWAT)
Attila the Hun vs. Alexander the Great (winner Attila the Hun)
Jesse James Gang vs. Al Capone Gang (winner Al Capone)
Aztec Jaguar vs. Zande Warrior (winner Zande Warrior)
Nazi Waffen SS vs. Viet Cong (winner Viet Cong)
Roman Centurion vs. Rajput Warrior (winner Roman Centurion)
Somali Pirate vs. Medellin Cartel (winner Somali Pirate)
Persian Immortal vs. Celt (winner Persian Immortal)
KGB vs. CIA (winner CIA)
Vlad the Impaler vs. Sun Tzu (winner Vlad the Impaler)
Ming Warrior vs. Musketeer (winner Muskateer)
Comanche vs. Mongol (winner Comanche)
Navy Seal vs. Israeli Commando (winner Navy Seal)

all these were run through a computer simulation 1000 times

The top two ancient warriors were Samurai and Spartan…they put them together and Spartan won.

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OP specifically states, “A living man. Who is the fiercest known living man.”

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oh sorry my bad, living…hmm

I’d have to go with The bearded guy on the bus

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I’m with @uberbatman. Some of those Shaolin monks are extremely badass. The Spetsnaz, IDF, SAS, and US Navy Seals produce some pretty hardcore guys. So does the French Foreign Legion. Tough to say.

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The Spetznaz, because they can kill you while doing a backflip.

also: “A living man.”
that criterium alone would have discqualified Jesus.

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Some dude well versed in Irish boxing, what else.

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I vote for the Shaolin monks, as well. I just watched an episode of Stan Lee’s Superhumans that featured one of these monks. Like @uberbatman said, they had a dummy with sensors inside and measured the force of the monk’s strikes. What he is able to do and withstand is amazing and very badass.


I don’t think one can really determine that, because as soon as you say “this man is the fiercest warrior”, there will always be another man who is better. To say “fiercest” is arbitrary——my definition can differ from yours. As well, one man can appear to be the fiercest fighter one day, but then the next day he will lose a bit of his “bite” and another man will bite harder. A man is only as good as his last fight. Fighting skills are never static, and there is no ultimate warrior——learning to be a better fighter is a life-long endeavor——one can never be the best.

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@MissAnthrope ahhh i saw that too. That guy was straight up bad ass

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