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Which is more important, strength or intelligence?

Asked by daytonamisticrip (4856points) August 7th, 2010

What do you think is more important in a fight. Having brute strength. Or knowing pressure points and where it hurts.

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Intelligence may let you know the pressure points and all but without agility to apply them and the strength to fend off blows and endure their counter attack you will be tenderized in no time. The ability to effectively use pressure points requires a certain amount of physical strength but also the agility to get in and do it and get out in time to avoid counterattacks. Only very fleet movement and maneuvers can one use pressure points and win against a brute strength opponent who only needs to grab you once and pummel you senseless.

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Intelligence provides you with the ability to know where to use the strength, right?

Intelligence provides you with the ability to figure out how to gain strength.

But strength alone does not necessarily provide you with a way to be intelligent.

I would always opt for intelligence as being much more important because of just is more practical in the long run.

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Strengh may help you win a fight….

intelligence will help you win without having to fight

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Strategy beats Strength. Look at Ali vs. Forman. 1988 World Series Oakland A’s vs. Dodgers. Joe Montana vs. Dan Marino. The Olympic Miracle on Ice Russia vs. USA.
It’s not knowing how to hit, it’s knowing where to hit when.

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Well, intelligence won’t get you far fighting if you aren’t fast and clever. If intelligence here implies quick thinking, then intelligence would help the most.

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The intelligence of a man/woman is second, character being first!

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Knowing what to do, is more important than raw physical strength. Although having both is nice.

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@DrBill There’s nothing else to be said :)

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Depends on the fight.

At range and before a fight starts, intelligence wins.

If it comes down to grappling and wrestling, all the brains in the world won’t help you if you are weaker than your opponent. That is, of course, unless you are capable of using physics to your advantage, which takes brains…

In the end, a balance of both is best.

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Intelligence, you wont have strength all your life but you’ll still be intelligent. Knowledge never fades. (Well unless you get brain damage or Alzheimers)

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Without intelligence, strength cannot accomplish much.

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Big breasts.

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I would go with intelligence. @Cruiser, they could get pummeled to bits in no time. However, their intelligence would give them the knowledge of the right timing to move and where away from the attacker.

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Well, i’ve never met a person with a nice “butta,” that was not intelligent. Just kidding…but, still think character is more important than intelligence. just saying! Strength, would be way down the list.

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Wait, it just occurred to me that although all of us are likely smarter than Mike Tyson, none of us could win in a fight with him.

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Intelligence is the best kind of strength.

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@wundayatta really REALLY come on REALLY. ahhh whatever.

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@cockswain, hahahah! See my original answer….

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@daytonamisticrip, seriously. Men instinctively take a look, and that gives you plenty of an opening to clock ’ em. There’s research about this shit.

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only men? ha i took my uncle (25 years old) down no problem. i am a girl and i look for weaknesses. I see where a person is of guard and i CLOCK EM. not only guys can fight.

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@daytonamisticrip I dare you to kick Mike Tyson in the balls.

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no even though my uncle is no match for me, Mike Tyson would have me down as quick as a cheetah on steroids. I know my limits.

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Tyson vs Holyfield is another good example! They don’t come stronger than Tyson, and Holyfield had the right strategy, and won!

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What, getting his ear bitten twice?

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not only guys can fight.
Um, @daytonamisticrip, that’s what I was saying.

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