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Justin Bieber, who likes him?

Asked by tifa (667points) October 10th, 2010

I honestly don’t… but i see his commercials, ads, and television promoters are everywhere. I don’t know of anyone that supports him or his music and i’m wondering how he makes his money and if he’s just a media pushed image of America, Do you support Justin Bieber? Why or why not?

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Not me – especially since he dared to utter that he’s this generation’s Kurt Cobain – facepalm.

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Me neither.

I’m also annoyed by him and the ad nauseam exposure that he gets.
Luckily I have plenty of viewing options so he’s easy enough for me to avoid.


”...especially since he dared to utter that he’s this generation’s Kurt Cobain – facepalm.”

I’m not seriously advocating this, but if only JB had started his “career” the way that Kurt ended his.

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Can’t see the attraction, actually he annoys me.

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my first question was actually a rant…and i tend to at times… but i think its justified in this sense because i know of nobody that likes him and yet he’s everywhere and everyone hates him online and i’ve seen the youtube video (and i’m hoping you have) where he almost gets hit by a water bottle, that should be a clear indication to people and the media that we don’t like him. It makes me angry to think that maybe America is trying to give a person a chance for fame and fortune because THEY want him to be a good face of america regardless of what we the people want.

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Yo have got to be kidding. There are millions upon millions of pre-adolescent girls who are so crazy about him they are literally killing each other over the merest mention of marrying him – sweet babe that he is.

His mother loves him, and so do the afore mentioned. I have also read that he really can sing. I saw him in a TV show, and it proves he can act.

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@YARNLADY: how many do you know of? i’m sure he can sing but that doesn’t mean people have to like him….Hitler could lead, do you like him?

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It is one thing to ask a question on Fluther and allow the collective to debate out the answer. It is completely another to ask a question with an answer already in mind and attacking those that you disagree with.

While I cannot vouch for YARNLADY’s response to girls killing each other over Justin Bieber, from what I’ve read, the rest of it is true. You may have very valid reasons for dissing the young lad, and it should be left at that. There is no reason to attack her response. And there is no reason to compare him to Hitler, unless you have some facts that haven’t hit the news.

i’m sure he can sing but that doesn’t mean people have to like him
The young man can sing. I’ve watched a couple of his videos to see what all of the fuss is about. Of course it doesn’t mean that people have to like him. John Lennon was brilliant in his musical talents, but many people did not care for what he stood for. There is nothing wrong with this. People are human, and we all have different perspectives, motivations and make mistakes that seem so obvious to others.

Your question and its details are well written, if that is what you really want to know. You have made your point-of-view clear. Allow people to respond to it from their own perspective without judgement from you.

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@tifa I will not carry on a conversation with anyone who throws Hitler into it.

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sorry, i do hate him and i unnecessarily lashed out, my apologies to both YARNLADY, Pied Pfeffer, and anyone else in fluther who are entitled to their opinion.

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Thanks tifa. There is no need to apologize to me, honestly. Your position is completely understandable. I’m pretty sure we have all been in your position with one overly produced celebrity or another. Responding to YARNLADY that way is another matter. I hope that she reads your post.

Managers understand the ‘15 minutes of fame’ theory and attempt to cash in on it. As a minor, he may have no control over what he is signed up for. There are many cases of child stars going to court for emancipation from their parents.

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Who the hell IS he??

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What @YARNLADY said. My 11-year-old sister and all of her friends are all nauseatingly swoony about him.

For your enjoyment, Lesbians Who Look Like Justin Bieber.

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I’ve never heard his music, but I have a severe allergy to hordes of pop culture fans. Which is why I’ve not read even a single page of the Twilight series.


To me, he’s just a moppy-haired kid with a voice like a girl and a face like a typical kid at the mall. :D

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His Mommy i’d imagine. Oh & those with a flock mentality who happen to have….how shall I put this, shit for brains! When the dude has sex does he call himself Just-in Beaver? Hmm I wonder :¬)

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I do not like his voice or his music at all. He’s about 15 or 16, how can he know that much about love?

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If I ever have a project or idea I want to get out there I would definitely hire his marketing team.

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Oh, THAT wet-behind-the-ears punk! LMAO!

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Millions of recently-graduated Hannah Montana fans.

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Justin Bieber will have his 15 minutes of manufactured fame and then fade away. But never fear. Marketing never sleeps.There’s an endless line of Bieberboys and girls waiting to take his place, each one less talented than the one ahead of him.

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Justin Bieber is like me. He is some sort of “Jay Leno of music”. He is quite a bad singer but he receives lots of attention by the media just like my “Tonight Show”. It´s the worse comedy show on TV and yet one of the most viewed.

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Top 10 continents that came to justin bieber’s mind during his interview with david letterman
#10. Disney world
#9. Lybia. Oh, wait, he’s not sure. Better ask Herman Cain.
#8. Tuttsi Fruits
#7, Quebec
#6. Pimples
#5. Neverland
#4. Germany
#3. Hairpiece
#2. Mistletoe
#1. selena’s underpants

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@jayleno Most young girls seem to find him drop dead gorgeous. I think he looks adorable. I haven’t heard him sing.

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Everytime I meet justin bieber and his girlfriend I keep staring at justin and to the girl’s breasts wondering myself wich one of those is the biggest boob.

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Bad news from the world of politics, Michele Bachmann gave up her campaign for presidency. And guess who was going to vote for her: justin bieber. Aparently she promised justin that, if she got elected president, her husband Marcus whould help him pray away the pimples.

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