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What did you think of Madonna's half-time show, and what are your feelings on the rapper MIA flipping the bird at the Super Bowl Half Time Show, 2012?

Asked by jca (36043points) February 6th, 2012

I am hearing 50/50 reviews on radio today. I didn’t hear what the Today Show had to say about it yet.

I think she did a decent job, but she looked like she was unsteady on her feet, as if her boots were too high. It was as I expected, grand with lots of male dancers doing their thing. I am not a fan of her new single but on the radio today I heard that she made that song specifically for the Super Bowl, so it “goes” with cheerleading.

I think it was classless of the rapper MIA to flip the bird.

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I do not know who or what any of that is.

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What is this Superb Owl everyone speaks of?

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Not too bad for 50+.

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Meh. I was bored.

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Who cares about her flipping the bird?

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Not a Madonna fan per se, I thought she did a good job.

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Didn’t see it. I did see her ‘give me all your luving’ or something video and saw M.I.A..who I’ve always liked more..

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Didn’t watch the SB, and Madonna lost her appeal with me around 1985, after her first few hits.

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More M.I.A and Nicki, less Madonna. Props to wardrobe for covering Madonna’s scary arms.

That being said, I hope I can wear boots like that when I’m 53 and dance on bleachers.

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Madonna is a great dancer for someone who is over 50. Great legs, too! She keeps herself in great shape and is a great entertainer! Her music… well, it’s pop. Entertaining. Not much to it. But not hard to listen to.

I didn’t see the bird flipping. I read about it this morning. I wonder what he was responding to. I wonder if someone is going to get into trouble for not censoring it. But honestly I love it because I think the controversy over wardrobe malfunctions and bird flippings and who knows what else are what makes the superbowl halftime show worth watching.

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She did a great job. Long live the Queen of the 80s! Amazing high-tech stage works, choreography, costumes, great pop music! If only Michael showed up on stage, damn it!

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I watched bits and pieces of it only because I was on the treadmill. To me it was boring, loud, pointlessly flashy and just plain pointless.

What happened to the charming old-fashioned marching bands, speaking of being out-of-step and off-key?

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She’s dull, and why does everyone use that same stupid awful generic bass-y beat, the one thats on that commercial? It was sooooo over the top. I hate things that are over the top. I hated everything about it.

The bar I was at had the super bowl on one tv and the puppy bowl on the other. DUring the half time show especially, everyone was turned towards the puppy bowl “ooooh”-ing and “awwww”-ing. It gave me hope. And holy shit was that cute. I’ve never watched it before. lol

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I think her show would have been fine for the Grammys, but for the Super Bowl? Heck no. I wish they would just have a normal half-time like they do during the regular season and not make the players sit out for a good half-hour. It’s ridiculous.

I was surprised by her choice of songs. Not some of her best imo. I missed MIA flipping the bird, I didn’t catch that. I agree though, doing that is classless. Why would a person do that when they are invited to sing during half-time for the Super Bowl? Kids are watching the game. Lame.

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The general concensus between my wife and I and two friends of Madonna, was this:

Madonna is getting older and it shows. Her “geddy and go… up and went”. She was not the Madonna we have known in the past.

The visual effects actually stole the half-time show of the SuperBowl46.

We were expecting a lot more from Madonna, but did not receive it.

Next year, how about presenting The Puppy Bowl at half -time?

Now that is a lot of energy!


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She was just expressing herself.

Probably not the best time or place, but hey!

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@john65pennington She looks damn good for over 50. I’d like to be able to dance like that when I’m half way there to pushing up daisies.

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@Jude But you probably would not enjoy chiseling three inches of makeup off your face afterward.

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@deni I am talking about the fact that she stays in shape. :)

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The Super Bowl half-time show has turned into a show for trying to rejuvenate the old classics. I think you are absolutely correct, @jca. MIA was classless with her unnecessary gesture. Madonna seemed afraid of falling. Considering how quickly they throw that halftime show stage up, I may have been a tad bit careful in those boots too. And to every one saying uncomplimentary remarks about women over 50, I give MIA’s sentiments back to ya’. lol

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She looked good for her age, I didn’t enjoy the show. It’s way too overdone, what a waste of money.
I’m with @gailcalled on this, let’s bring back some great college marching bands.

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@wilma Marching bands are so much fun to watch. They give me chills usually. It’d be much more appropriate and I think enjoyable to a wider audience. Good idea.

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Madonna’s act actually included two marching bands. Very good.

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@bkcunningham Yeah, I guess I give her credit for that, I was too busy being annoyed at how overdone it was to enjoy it though.

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In my opinion, the marching bands were the best part of the show.

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The best part about it was the lights.

Gotta give her props for being so old and still dancing/stumbling around the stage though.

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^^^ so old

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I don’t think it’s fair to say that the Super Bowl half time is about reanimating moribund careers. It’s more like they’re bridging the generation gaps – finding and act everyone can be lukewarm about.

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Great show. I’d like to see the twenty-somethings pull off her act, wearing a 20lb headdress and 5 inch-heeled boots. Amazing shape for ANY age.

As for MIA flipping the bird? Big yawn! If the parents didn’t make an issue of it, the kiddies eyeballs weren’t scorched out of their heads. Besides, they’ve been watching a game where the coaches are mouthing the word ‘fuck’ repeatedly. How is that any different?

The Parent Television Council is livid. And in their statement of condemnation and outrage? They used the f-bomb! Yes, they blanked out some letters, but it really just underscores the common usage of these words to articulate thoughts. I sorta found the hypocrisy in that to be staggering.

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I didn’t say “moribund,” @6rant6. I said classics. Let’s see. The past ten Super Bowl half-time performers have included The Who, Bruce Springsteen, U2, Sting, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Prince, Tom Petty a Madonna. Pretty classic old rockers to me.

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M.I.A.‘s finger, I think, should be viewed as a commercial, but one that was not aired during the commercial breaks (and wasn’t paid for).
And why on Earth, are the NFL and NBC apologizing?

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@rebbel To me, MIA’s finger was basically a big fuck you to the NFL and its fans. Not sure if that’s why the NFL and NBC are apologizing, but that’s my take on what MIA did. Should people be making a big deal out of it, probably not (I wasn’t even aware of what she did until the media pointed it out), but it makes MIA look like a punk. It shows no respect at all.

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Well, the song! was posted last week, and MIA’s lyrics are:

Me it. Licks. I’m so swag sh-t
Glad, no one gave you this
It’s super sonic, bionic, uranium hit
So I break ‘em off tricks
Let’s pray that it sticks
I’mma say this once, yeah, I don’t give a sh-t

Giving the finger is one way of expressing that sentiment – I really don’t think it was directed at anyone. How the NFL and NBC did not know the lyrics of the song seems beyond credulity. Maybe they had agreed beforehand that she’d say something else – and it slipped out? In any case, I think much like Nipplegate it’s much ado about nothing. Sex and vulgarity sell. Between the Fiat seduction commercial and the FTD “give me flowers and I’ll make your night” commercial, I thought we all knew that. ;-p

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I think her saying “f*** you” to the NFL and its fans is foolish of her, considering she just got some nice publicity and money from that little gig!

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I think the finger just went with the song, he does it a lot in concerts, nerves made him forget where he was, whatever—- NBD, IMO.

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@Hain_roo: You may be thinking of the wrong singer. MIA is a woman, not a “he.”

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I’ve followed the same NFL team since 1987. My husband and I are a bit religious with our game watching every Sunday (or Thursday or Monday) during the season. We’ve been with many friends who enjoy the sport and spent many afternoons in sports bars and several Super Bowl Sundays in sports bars and I can honestly say that I’ve never known one fan who was excited to see the Super Bowl halftime. It’s certainly not for the true fans of the sport. Every fan I know roles their eyes and yawns during the halftime entertainment of the Super Bowl. Do that many people watch the halftime entertainment and not the actual game? I know it’s all about money and ratings, but I really wish it could just be about the game and not all of this other nipple gate and finger nonsense. :/

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@bkcunningham Dude, get a clue. I said moribund. Do you actually have to see a tilde?

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The show was awesome! Best half time in a looooong time. I didn’t notice any foul language or flipping of birds, I would find that unnecessary and unfortunate.

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@jonsblond It bothers me we don’t get to see the half time, especially the college games. i want to see my awesome marching band at least part of the time. What are they going to do at half time, review what we just watched?

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@jca That’s funny! You’re right, haha. I was typing while talking about Clint Eastwood’s Chrysler commercial. I guess I was thinking was him :D

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@6rant6, yeah, somehow I missed your tone. You’ve also missed that I’m a woman, not a dude. lol

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@JLeslie What are they going to do at half time, review what we just watched? Yes. During the regular season the commentators review the first half of the game and talk about what the teams should be doing to improve their game if that’s what is needed. I don’t watch college football, but from my understanding they do have a marching band at halftime, right? I think that would be better entertainment for the Super Bowl instead of an aging celebrity who doesn’t give a crap about football but is only there to get attention for their new album. Let the teams include a marching band from their home town. That would be enjoyable imo.

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@bkcunningham Holy cow! I would have been so much more polite.

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Ok for her age. I was a bit bored.

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@6rant6, I saw your tilde that time.

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@jonsblond They can talk about that stuff during the game. Inbetween plays and even during plays. What happened in the first half, what they might do, there is plenty of time during the action. Fine, a few minutes at half time to recap and say what the strategy for the second half could or should be, but not the whole time, it’s ridiculous to me. How about some entertainment for the people watching who are not very into football, but watch because it is the superbowl, and they are there by their husband’s or wife’s or brother’s or neighbor’s side watching the game for the event of the whole thing. Expanding the event to entertain not only hardcore football fans, but also Americans in general increases their viewership overall probably. And, the hardcore football fanatic can get up, stretch, and use the facilities, and the people interested in the half time can watch the music, band, whatever.

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If only I’d known that Madonna’s halftime performance was a tribute to Satan I would have paid more attention.

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