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Are there really tarantulas on Mt. Diablo?

Asked by Allie (17506points) March 31st, 2008

I’m going on a hike with my geology class/lab and when I tell people where we’re hiking to (Mt. Diablo) they always say “Ew. There’s tarantulas up there.” Are there really? Or are people just trying to freak me out? (I hate spiders.)

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From Wikipedia (

‘In September and October you may encounter the male Tarantula spider (Aphonopelma Smithi) as he seeks a mate. These spiders are harmless, unless severely provoked, however the bite is only as bad as a bee sting. More dangerous are black widow spiders, far less likely to be encountered in the open.’

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Oh and uh, be careful.

‘Of special note as potential hazards are Northern Pacific Rattlesnake. While generally shy and non-threatening, one should be observant and cautious of where one steps to avoid accidentally disturbing one. They are often found warming themselves in the open (as on trails and ledges) on cool, sunny days. Other wildlife to avoid include Poison Oak, Hop Tree, fleas, ticks and mosquitoes.

There has also been an increase in the mountain lion population in the larger region and one should know how to respond if these animals are encountered. Please see the mountain lion safety tips in the Mountain lion article.’

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oh my G-d!! i think i’d rather encounter an extremely large spider than a rattlesnake. even if they are “generally shy and non-threatening.”

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Don’t worry about rattlers. If you piss it off, it’ll tell you. And if you do, just walk backwards. They don’t want to waste their venom on you. Just keep an eye on where you step and don’t walk in front. ;)

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Poor tarantulas. People have such an atavistic fear of them! They’re usually quite shy and peaceful. (I had one as a pet for 18 years.)

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I’d rather fight a room full of rattlesnakes in a burning house while being forced to listen to smoke-choked cries of doomed orphans than deal with a single tarantula, even in broad daylight. If you ask me its not worth the trip.

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well its either go on a hike and pretend im actually looking at the rock as opposed to socializing… ORRR be stuck in a classroom with no one in it and do a 4-pg work sheet alone.

i think ill take my chances with the tarantulas and be outdoors.

thanks to everyone though. =]

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