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Should I take my Canon 30D to the beach?

Asked by steelmarket (3603points) March 31st, 2008

Is it, and my “non-L” lenses, sealed well enough to withstand blowing sand and the salty breeze?

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I think that as long as your careful and don’t drop it then it should be fine. I’ve taken my iPhone, and mac book to the beach and they never were broken or anything.

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I’ve taken my iPhone, video camera, etc. to the beach without problems. but sand does find its way everywhere so I try to be careful.

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If you can’t take your awesome camera to the beach then what good is it? I’ve got that very same camera and have taken it all over the place. Its holding up quite well. Just keep it in your bag if you’re not actively using it and worried about sand.

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Good point paulc. You really would be missing out if you cannot take your camera to some of the more interesting pictutes. Pictures of the beach are amazing and beautiful just be careful. I take my SLR all the time but a while back I had a Point n’ Shoot that broke dude to sand in the lense. I think cameras these days are a bit more well built.

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I agree with you in principle, paulc. Guess I am a little paranoid, since I will be chaperoning (not by myself!) 100 high school band kids. I can imagine the “environment” getting out of control from time to time.

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Those band kids are pretty darn wild! :) I used to be one, I shouldn’t make fun. But seriously, take it and get all the amazing shots you can. Another thought…have you looked into a housing for it? Depending on where you’re going, underwater shots might be an opportunity not to pass up.

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