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Do you know anything about camping without a car in Northern California?

Asked by ronski (727points) February 15th, 2009

I live in San Francisco and I love camping, but I don’t have a car and neither does my boyfriend. Do you know any spots that are beautiful and easy to get to by bus?

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Sorry, nothing that is easy to get to by bus is beautiful.

You could take a ferry across to Marin, rent some bikes and ride up to Mount Tam. It’s gorgeous there, absolutely worth it.

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No problem doctor, I think we can still operate despite the fact that you have no arms with which to hold the tools. Let’s try wedging them between your toes.

Seriously, just rent a car or something.. there are so many great places to go in caly.. renting a car isn’t all that expensive for a once in a while thing.

When you do.. check out the thousand lakes wilderness near hat creek and burney.. way up north of redding.. it’s gorgeous up there.. unless of course by camping you mean sleeping in a motor-home with a full service restroom right next door.. in which case I have no idea where all the city slicker campgrounds are Am I done rambling now? Why yes.. yes I am.

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Actually, you can take a ferry to Sausalito and bike the Marin Headlands Hostel.. It’s not exactly camping but you will be in the wilderness and just look at how awesome that building is. I’ve been there, it’s very cool

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Take a bus to Yosemite. It is awesome in early Spring…and empty.

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The only place I know of off the top of my head is Angel Island. You can take a ferry from SF or Sausalito to the island and once on the island everything is within walking or shuttle distance. It is quite peaceful. I recommend it.

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You’re in prime hitchhiking territory! Kerouac it to Yosemite, or North on 101 ‘till you find a state park/forest beautiful enough for you. There’s plenty of gorgeous stuff just a few hours out of the city.

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