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Are you a better cook or baker?

Asked by Frenchfry (7584points) October 11th, 2010

With cooking it does not have to be exact. With baking it has to be exact or it will flop. I am a better cook then baker.

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I’m a better baker than I am a cook. I just don’t have a good idea of which spices to use and when compared to my husband. My husband is an awesome cook. We joke and say that we are all set because we can host dinner parties and he’ll cook the meal and I’ll bake the desserts.

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I’m a better baker. After 2 years of school, I had better be! Although I would say that even before school I was a better baker than cook. My husband is a better cook than I am, but I am faster and use fewer dishes, so I generally do the cooking. No matter who cooks I end up cleaning up, so I’d rather do fewer dishes!

@Seaofclouds – Maybe we need to have a bake off on Fluther!

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I am a better baker…I can make a mean French F’n Filbert cake! actually,no. ;)

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A bake off would be fun if we could figure out a good way for it to work out! Most of the baking I do right now gets sent overseas to my husband (which reminds me, I have some brownies to bake).

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I’m a good cook, but a better baker. I use to love creating and improving desserts and making them look and taste more appealing.
@Seaofclouds brownies now, Fluther later…get those brownies in the mail:D

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Hmmm..I think I’m 50/50

I do have a soft spot for baking though. Just made the first apple/blackberry cobbler of the season….mmmmm!

The leftovers went to the raccoons, they appriciate my cooking very much! lol

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Heh…my herbal desserts are quite good! hahaha

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I’m a better cook, though I can bake pretty much whatever. It’ll turn out better than OK, but nowhere near something I could pick up at Bouley Bakery (which closed recently! :() Once I master crusts, though…

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Cook. I don’t like to deal with baking mixture and I rarely use oven to cook my meal.

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@AmWiser Lol. I still haven’t baked them, but I can’t mail them until tomorrow anyway since the post office is closed for the holiday. So I’m going to wait until this evening so they are a bit fresher when they get there.

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Neither i’m afraid. I’m a dab hand at singeing kitchen ceilings though, blistered paint a speciality :¬)

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Not half bad as a cook, but I am very confident in my baking.

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Cook. I cook every day; I only bake occasionally, so I have a lot more experience cooking. I would like to bake more than I do; when I do bake it usually does turn out well.

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Personally I consider baking very much a part of cooking, and I don’t agree that baking needs to be so precise. I frequently make bread for instance and haven’t used a recipe in many years. If you use less yeast or your yeast is old, guess what? You can just let it rise longer.

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I definitely prefer cooking over baking. I like savory foods better than sweet ones, and I am less likely to make a mistake when cooking rather than baking. With cooking, you can just turn your “mistake” into a completely different recipe. Sometimes I’ve accidentally discovered wonderful new tastes.

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I am a way better cook. Cause I don’t put too much time into baking. Plus when I cook it’s usually freeflow, without measurements. Baking requires EXACT measurements. Baking is way to regimented for my taste.

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I am a pretty good cook ; I don’t bake much. But I keep reading about cobblers so I’ve been meaning to make one.

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Cook. Although I can bake.

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I’m a much better baker because it is a science with rules and I just mostly do what the recipe says, with a little tweaking. Sometimes when I’m cooking I get a little too creative.

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I’m actually pretty good at both.

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I’m a better cook, mainly because neither I nor anyone else in my family likes cakes that much, so I’ve never had the motivation to make them. I don’t do desserts at all. And in all things, I like to improvise. I don’t follow recipes.

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Baker. ( I can put together a mighty mean pie crust).

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I am equally great at both. But baking is much harder and not as much fun. Too much precision required.

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I’m better at cooking

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Far better at cooking.


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I am a fiend at cooking!! YUM!

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Baker, definitely. I’m not good with spices, and also I don’t like many of them. On the baking side, I like essentially everything that is baked so…it just makes sense.

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Equal skill sets

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I love to cook, probably more so than baking. The only baking I truly love is based on Danish recipes.

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Definitely a better Baker :)

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