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Do you know anyone who has ever gotten very sick from eating stuffing that was cooked inside the turkey or chicken?

Asked by jca2 (15748points) November 13th, 2021

Every holiday season, a common theme on the internet and social media is food safety (of course). For the past few years, one of the popular topics has been cooking stuffing, not inside the bird because supposedly it’s unsafe to do so.

My grandmother always cooked it in the bird, and so did my mom. I admit to not cooking a whole lot, as far as big meals, but I have been eating for decades lol. I’ve never known anybody to get sick from eating stuffing that was baked in the bird. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen and I’m totally open to the possibility.

Do you know of anybody who has gotten sick (food poisoning or similar food borne illness) from eating stuffing that was cooked inside the bird?

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Every year we cook stuffing both inside the turkey, and in a casserole pan. The pan dressing doesn’t taste as good, and I never saw anyone get sick from the inside of the turkey dressing.

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It’s safe as long as it’s really cooked all the way. I can see how people could easily fail to understand that just because the bird is done that the stuffing may not be.

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We make the stuffing with raw eggs. You gotta figure if that’s cooked, the Turkey is good.

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Thank you for asking. Like you, Grandma and Mom stuffed the turkey, and everyone in the family loved it. No one ever got sick. This is over decades.

I’ve used the same recipe as these women every year since I met my partner, and even he, the paranoid “Poultry needs to be overcooked or food poisoning will ensue!” Englishman will gobble down the turkey and stuffing without concern.

Perfect Turkey Stuffing
– 1–2 loaves of bread, slightly stale, cubed (we use white bread)
– 1–2 white onions, diced
– 1 stick melted butter
– salt and pepper to taste

Put the cubed bread in a large bow. Add the cubed onion and stir. Sprinkle with salt and pepper while stirring. Add butter while stirring.

Stuff the turkey cavity (after removing the giblets! I’ve missed this step twice). Bake turkey as directed.

Mom used to make extra stuffing because we all were addicted to it. What doesn’t fit into the turkey is cooked in a covered pot over low heat. What comes out of the turkey is mixed in.

Celery could be added, if desired. No herbs!

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Nope. When I used to do the bird, I would put some stuffing inside the bird and bake extra in a casserole in the oven. No one ever got sick.

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Yes. A whole family.

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@SnipSnip How did the family find out that the stuffing was the cause and not something else, like undercooked turkey? Even an intestinal flu can move through a group quickly.

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Or they all ate again after the turkey was left out too long.
I’d like to know how they knew it was the stuffing.

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If the stuffing is not cooked all the way most likely neither is the turkey

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