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Good Ideas for what to do in Summer?

Asked by Luiveton (4162points) May 30th, 2011

So Summer is nearly here, and I have no idea how I’m about to start it.
I want a good start, obviously, but I have no idea what to do.
So I need suggestions and ideas on how to spend Summer, and how to ‘celebrate’ the first day of Summer.
What would you do on the first day of Summer?
How would you spend your Summer?
Any ‘unique’ or ‘over exaggerated’ ideas are also accepted. You can say crazy things, as long as they’re achievable. I want this summer to be DIFFERENT.
(Don’t suggest travelling. I’ve already thought that one out. However, you can suggest PLACES to go. Specifically.)
Oh, and I forgot. I want it to be FUN. So yeah, fun suggestions.

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A part-time job, so that you can make some spending money?

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Walk around naked.

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I didn’t mention wanting the summer to be fun right?
But yeah, @Jude , Part-time job. Creative. :)
@reijinni Ha, I wish.

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@Luiveton hang out at the beach, a pool, go camping with your friends. Go and see Justin Bieber.

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@Jude Okay, that, is awesome. I love the last part, too.

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Sign up to volunteer somewhere this summer on a weekly basis. My daughters worked at the science museum during the summers in high school, racking up 200 hours of volunteer time. Landed them jobs later, because it counted as work experience, they made lots of new friends at other schools, they got to hang around downtown and eat lunch out, and the science museum is totally cool.

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@BarnacleBill Awesome, going to try that. :)

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I went swimming yesterday to celebrate the beginning of summer. I also love picnics for summer.

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Go on bike trips. Hang out with some dancers. Take a poetry workshop. Swim. Hike in the woods. Swim in the swimming hole under the bridge. Read a lot of books. Go to the swimming pool. Mow the lawn. Play croquet. Play with the neighborhood kids. Hang out with the crowd. Swim in the ocean. Surf. Pick cucumbers. Grow tomatoes. Roll cigars (well, start learning how). Swim at the water park. Ride down the mountain slide. Find turtles and salamanders and frogs. Get laid. Go scuba diving.

Yah. And that ain’t the half of it.

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Go live with your grandparents .. it will turn in something fun if you have sane grandparents :P

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@Hibernate The only fun part is the part where I commit suicide. Gosh no. :P

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Go on a roadtrip, or grab a burly travelbuddy and go hitchhiking. Or voluteer at your local animal rescue place, or better yet, wildlife rescue place. baby possoms are so ugly they’re adorable.

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If you don’t know how to cook, either take a cooking class with some friends, or find a willing person (relative, friend, neighbor) that would be willing to show you the basics.

If you already do know how to cook, then aim to make one really delicious item (or full meal for your family) each week. Summertime is perfect for picnics in the park or in the mountains or at the beach. So aim to make dishes that will travel well to those destinations.

What I’ve been doing lately is finding a great recipe, then photographing all of the steps, including the final product and putting it on my Facebook. Most of my friends and relatives enjoy cooking and recipes so this has been a lot of fun.

Think about finding some really delicious potato salad recipes, or pasta salads, or sandwich fillings or dips and salsas or cookies. Those are the kinds of things you can take on a picnic. For meals at home think salads, casseroles (mac and cheese, enchiladas, shepherds pie etc.) and soup, soup and more soup! Try to find recipes that are delicious and good for you too.

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Many aimless youth have found mowing my lawn, pruning my trees, and raking my leaves to be a major blast!

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Here is what Im doing, school just ended a week ago:
Trying to walk dogs
Using the Internet
Working on Summer assignments (3)
Practicing all my sports
And Swimming

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Get wasted and go swimming in the nude at night. :)

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@Luiveton sucks to be you .. grandparents are always cool [ the sane ones ]

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Read more books, spend less time on the internet, swim.

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take up pole dancing.

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