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Why, when I try to browse the Social questions, does my computer try to load

Asked by llewis (1457points) October 12th, 2010

It appears to be locking up there – or I don’t have the patience for it to load. I haven’t seen that link try to load on General or Meta.

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Do you know which browser are you using?

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That is creepy. Use Firefox and get Better Privacy add-on. And get BillP’s WinPatrol from cnet.

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@anartist Chartbeat anonymously monitors user activity on Fluther, alongside Google Analytics. It helps us understand which parts of the site are being used heavily, which is useful for all sorts of reasons (choosing which features to work on, diagnosing problems, etc). It’s nothing that we can’t gather from our server logs, but Chartbeat gives us with a more useful overview of that data.

Chartbeat doesn’t use LSOs or other local storage mechanisms that the “Better Privacy” add-on blocks, because it doesn’t need to — it only monitors what people are doing as a whole on Fluther.

@llewis Sorry that you’re having this issue. Does the rest of the page load correctly? If you let me know which browser you’re using I’ll be able to test it.

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I’m using Firefox on MacOSX. Social is now loading correctly. Thanks, all!

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I used to get that a lot. Now I just use adblock plus to block everything from these.

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