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What are good internet sources on religion and/or atheism?

Asked by iamthemob (17137points) October 13th, 2010

There seems to be a lot of assumptions about x or y movements that call themselves Christian, Muslim, Mormon, Wiccan, or atheistic.

I’m wondering if people have sites that are go-to sites for them that appear to have clear, straight-forward descriptions of the meanings, goals, and internal issues of any or all of these movements.

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If you want quantitative data about religion, This is a nice place to start.

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Over the years I’ve found to be a great resource.

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I use for apologetics research.

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To not totally flood the thread, ill limit my post a little, here are some sites that i find either useful or relevant.


01. the bible (self explanatory)
02. the skeptics annotated bible (skeptics take on the bible)
03. the qur’an (self explanatory)
04. the skeptics annotated qur’an (skeptics take on the qur’an)
05. torah (self explanatory)
06. big list of 3000 gods with info (basic but useful)
07. iron chariots wiki (the atheist experience show wiki site)
08. the rigveda (self explanatory)
09. richard dawkins site (his personally little soap box, atheist)
10. living waters, ray comfort and co. (their personal little soap box, creationists)
11. talk origins (all about evolution)
12. rational response squad (cultish atheists/secular humanists)


01. philhellenes (atheist)
02. rational round table (ex creationist still theist)
03. thunderf00t (scientifically educated anti creation “atheist/pearl”, a bit bigoted)
04. aronra (excelent source on fossil evidence etc.)
05. togetherforpeace (christian)
06. dawahfilms (muslim)
07. noelplum99 (atheist)
08. theamazingatheist (a clever atheist who also does politics and comedy)


01. the principia discordia (discordianism, a “mock” religion that some take seriously)
02. church of the FSM (mock religion but worth a look)

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@poisonedantidote – this may be the best answer ever. I wish that I could give more than one GA.

For current issues, personally a fan of relgion dispatches, and generally the pew forum on religion.

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You could try, I don’t know if it is anyone’s “go-to”, but it’s usually full of info.

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First thing I’d like to say is that atheism isn’t a “movement”, and you will never find a clear, straightforward description that can be applied to all atheists.

That said, if you’d like to know some sites I myself frequent to discuss religion and the lack thereof, I like the following:

Why Won’t God Heal Amputees? – The forum is awesome. It’s a good idea to watch this video before you visit the forum.
This youtube video entitled “Why do you care?” which explores the reasons many “militant atheists” believe religion to be not just absurd, but harmful to society.
Skeptic’s Annotated Bible is pretty good about taking some of the worst bits of Judeo-Christian religion and sticking them in one place. I have noticed some errors, in that they sometimes take things out of context (for real, not just in the “I’m a Christian and I don’t believe my god is bad!” sense)
This video explores contradictions in the Bible.
A funny Onion article that I like to hand off to Young Earth Creationists.
Former Christian Apologises for Being A Shit-Head All Those Years
Mommy, Does God Hate Women? and pretty much anything else on

The Friendly Atheist an interesting blog I’ve just started following.
Atheists Are People, Too
The Improbability of God by Richard Dawkins
An Atheist Manifesto by Sam Harris
Richard Dawkins speaks on militant atheism
How It Feels To Be An Atheist

That’s all I’ve got at the moment. I think I’m missing something, but it’s not jumping out of my bookmark list.

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Pharyngula (part of ScienceBlogs)—by the assertive, sometimes acerbic, PZ Meyers, a biology professor at U Minnesota Morris (UMM) noted for evo-devo research. Myers is also an eloquently outspoken atheist who doesn’t suffer religious dogmatists gladly.~ The website gets a lot of traffic.

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People have already posted some great sites, including the 3 sites that I would have recommended so all I can do is third The Skeptics Annotated Bible (and their Annotated Qur’an) and second, and second and highly recommend

From’s “about us” statement:

We are a multi-faith group. As of 2010-FEB, we consist of one Atheist, Agnostic, Christian, Wiccan and Zen Buddhist. Thus, the OCRT staff lack agreement on almost all theological matters, such as belief in a supreme being, the nature of God, interpretation of the Bible and other holy texts, whether life after death exists, what form the afterlife may take, etc.

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More youtubers:

TaylorX04 – atheist
Theowarner – theist, unspecified beliefs
tooltime9901 – atheist
ZJemptv – atheist
Nykytyne2 – atheist

There used to be a deist I liked but he removed his channel. It’s a shame, you really don’t come across them much these days.

I don’t have a go to site for research online. I use BibleGateway, Skeptic’s Bible and EvilBible because it can be quicker to find things there than in my actual Bible, and I’ll use wikipedia when trying to find out something about lesser know religions like Zoroastrianism, but for really in depth research I’m more comfortable with books. However, project gutenburg, google books and can but invaluable for finding hard to find or out of print books like this or this.

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I’ve found some info on atheism’s “sexed-up” cousin, pantheism. Plus, this open-source approach to religion (Yoism) seems interesting.

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