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How to contact the NJ police online?

Asked by babybear1740 (87points) October 13th, 2010

So my bf is being stalked by some girl he doesnt know and she is hacking accounts and saying he is her boyfriend. She even hacked his phone so she can see who is texting him. He wont call the cops and I feel like he should. I live in Washington and he is in NJ. I tried going to the NJ police site, but couldnt find any way of contacting them about an emergency. How do i get a hold of them?

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you can’t call the police for him. He has to do it himself. I live in New Jersey, so I can say that with confidence.

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but he wont do it and she freaks me out. Like i call him or text him and she immediately calls him. She told him he was a dead man

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Well @babybear1740, maybe he won’t do it for a reason. What motive does he have to not want to stop her?

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@babybear1740: That’s going to have to be his problem. Aside from that, I’m pretty sure she didn’t hack into his cell phone. She’d have to be an absolute whiz to access his cell contents without actually having his phone or a password of some type.

I’m not sure how old you are, but judging by the nature of your question, you’re fairly young. He needs to put on his big boy panties and do it himself.

Personally, I would suggest you not believe this story. It sounds way more likely that he’s covering up his relationship with her by telling you she’s stalking him.

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he doesnt want to get the police involved cause he doesnt want to have to deal with them.

As for covering up. She is real and i have talked to her and she sends me threatening emails

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@babybear1740 Like the others have said, your boyfriend would have to make the complaint for what she does to him. If she is harassing and threatening you, you can report that to your local police.

I agree with @poofandmook that it sounds like he isn’t being completely honest with you about the situation. How did she get your e-mail information? It sounds like there is more going on between this girl and your boyfriend.

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I didn’t say she wasn’t real. I did suggest that maybe he’s not telling you the truth, and she’s sending you threatening emails because he IS her boyfriend.

If she threatens you via email, YOU can report that to YOUR local police. However, you can’t report for someone else… they have to do it on their own.

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well i will call the police. as far as cheating goes. that actually makes sense an i’m going to have to think about it. thank you all

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she hacks my accounts too. she has even admitted to it. is that illegal?

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@babybear1740: It is. If she hacks your accounts, you need to change all of your passwords. I suggest changing them to a phone number that she or anyone else could never guess. Phone numbers are hard passwords to crack unless it’s a mutual acquaintance or a listed number.

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she has some programme that can decode the passwords or something. so no matter what i do she can get them and hack on. on my gmail account, it shows that someone else is on or has been on and it wasnt me. but i will call the police

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@babybear1740 Something about that really doesn’t seem right to me. Have you tried changing your passwords? How do you know for sure that she is hacking your passwords? I understand that gmail shows when people have been online, but many sites are a little bit off on those types of notifications, so they can’t always be considered accurate.

I’m curious, what exactly has your boyfriend told you about her? Like how did this all get started and all that? How does she even know about you and how did you talk to her? I think before you call the police, you first need to call your boyfriend and get the truth from him. If she is in fact his girlfriend, I think you need to just cut them both out of your life and be done with the drama.

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@babybear1740 I don’t think such a program even exists. She would have to be a programming mastermind in order to create something like that. I think she’s just fooling you into thinking she has a “password decoding program.” I agree with the others that your boyfriend is hiding something from you, and you should either get a straight story out of him or end the relationship.

If she has threatened you and hacked into your accounts, you can call the police, but you need to print out all the threatening emails she sent you before you do that. However, I do think it’s a good idea to hold off on calling the cops and talk to your boyfriend about what he’s not telling you.

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Change your password on a public computer, or a friend’s. Don’t tell your boyfriend. To me, it sounds like you’re being played by your boyfriend. It has all the earmarks of the “other girl” being a male friend who is in collusion with your boyfriend to make you dump him.

Has your boyfriend ever used your computer, or have you ever used his? It’s possible that your boyfriend has installed keylogging software on yours, or someone has on his. Take your computer into Geek Squad or some place like that and have them check out your computer. Then dd password protection to your system so no one can add software without authorization.

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