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Is there any remedy for excessive burping?

Asked by duchezzlo (4points) October 13th, 2010

I’ve been diagnosed with GERD but nothing helps it. I had alot last night (burping) and as a result today I have a raw throat that is killing me! Any one else have this burping problem?

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I’d look at your diet first.

Obviously if you are eatng a lot of gas producing foods you might stop that. lol

No Krautdogs and mustard and cole slaw and soda for dinner.

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1) Stop trying to burp. I know it’s insanely hard, but once you start you can’t stop.
2) Talk to your doctor. If you’ve been diagnosed, you’ve reached the point at which Fluther can no longer help you.

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Sometimes some people will give medical advice on Fluther, but this is one of the situations where it is not wise to do so.

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I’d pm shilolo.

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@zen_ No. S/he needs to see his/her doctor.

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Agree that you need to look at your diet. Check out green peppers—they sneak those in all kinds of salads, and can add to your problem. There is probably a great list somewhere of foods that cause burping. When I started nursing (to help the baby be gas free), my doctor told me to stay away from most of the “c” foods: cucumbers, chocolate, cabbage…and on.

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What is bothering me isn’t the burping, but the raw throat. This could be indicative of serious reflux disease and s/he should be checked out.

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Your diet will be what helps the most, you might want to see a dietitian.
They will help get you away from foods that cause excessive gas.

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Look for products containing simethicone, which is a surfactant that helps reduce bubbling in the stomach. One of those things that might help, can’t hurt. Also try eating & chewing more slowly—you might be swallowing excessive amounts of air.

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I definitely agree that you should see a doctor ASAP. Unfortunately, you probably won’t be able to get an appointment right away. In the meantime, take some Gas-X and drink plenty of peppermint tea. It will help with both the sore throat and the digestive issues.

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