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What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) October 14th, 2010

Can’t decide what I’d like to have. I’ll probably stay on the computer too long and only have time for a poptart on my way to work.

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I eat oatmeal almost every day.I’d rather have chocolate cake ;)

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@noelleptc—Ice cream for breakfast? hmmm…I might come over to the dark side! XD

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I adore a tomato, cheese and mushroom omelet. If in a rush for work, I’ll make a turkey and swiss sandwich and eat it at work with a cup of coffee. If feeling lazy, a halved apple with a smear of peanut butter.

@lucillelucillelucille My sister and I used to “save” our piece of Mom’s homemade chocolate cake for breakfast the next day. After fruit and cereal, we would flip it over on the plate, eat the cake first and save the icing for last. Oh, and a nice cold glass of milk to wash it down.

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Coffee, banana, sometimes a bagel. Or it is off the McD’s for something. Or nothing.
But, I always have a cup of coffee in the morning.

My favorite thing?

Lox on/in a bagel, cream Cheese, slice of tomato, slice of onion.

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Muesli, with lots of papaya and coconut

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Ham, runny, sunny side up eggs, hash browns, a toasted English muffin with butter, orange juice, coffee and milk. That’s it. You got a problem with that?

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On fluther it is Pancakes!
IRL it is french toast.

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I love garden egg omelets with the works!! I have to settle for my fresh fruit yogurt parfait this morning!

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It depends on whether i’m in the mood from something savoury or sweet. If it’s savoury, it will be either sunny side up egg on toast, or scrambled eggs. If it’s sweet, i’ll have oatmeal (cooked with water and milk which makes it much creamier) or mueslie. These are all my favourite breakfasts.

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Waffles with peanut butter on them.

Sounds cruddy, tastes great!

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Steak and Eggs

Huevos Rancheros

mostly, I just have cereal. Mostly.

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I really did have ice cream for breakfast the other day, too. True story.

Usually yogurt and sunflower seeds. Sometimes I switch it up and eat an egg, instead.

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Breakfast potatotes (fried, diced potatoes, cilantro, green and yellow peppers, onions, hot spices, garlic) with a egg over easy on top. Plus, some melted harvati on top of that.

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I don’t usually eat breakfast, unless you count a Diet Coke. But, if I was going to choose my favorite breakfast foods, it would be French toast and hash browns.

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Breakfast Tacos.

Either bacon, bean, and potato or migas and cheese.

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my fave thing is french toast with sugar on top, instead of syrup. I almost never eat it, because it’s totally bad for you, plus effort to make.

i like bagels with cream cheese, as a more practical breakfast. also coffee cake or danishes. I rarely eat any of the above choices, because they’re totally bad for you.

i always like fruit, any time of the day. if i go to a meeting or conference and they have watermelon, cantelope, pineapple, etc., i take a lot on my plate.

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Eggs! They can be French toast, omelettes, scrambled, poached, fried, shirred, boiled, over easy…

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I love eggs fixed almost any way and buttered rye toast, crisp bacon on the side. On Sundays—in a tradition my dad started—I super-love a bagel lightly buttered and toasted, sliced onion or capers on top of the cream cheese, sometimes a thin slice of muenster cheese, and thin-sliced Nova Scotia lox. That goes great with two easy-over eggs, iced cold milk, and O.J.

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Cereal & toast for me.Pretty bland but I like it.

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Lets see.

Pancakes with butter, syrup on the side
French toast
Everything bagel with creamcheese
Scrambled eggs
Rye toast with butter and raspberry or strawberry jam
Waffles with blueberries and vanilla ice cream
Taylor ham & Cheese Jersey specialty
and a big glass of OJ.

Now if I could just finish it all…

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I love breakfast, so it’s hard to choose, but I think my favourite breakfast is pancakes with a small amount of syrup and blueberry compote.

I also love yogurt and granola with strawberries or blueberries. Sometimes I will have an egg white omelet with mushrooms, tomatoes, spinach and cheese – mmm.

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I love toast with butter.

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I barely eat breakfast but when I do it’s mostly corn flakes.

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Omelette and bagel or English muffin.

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Raspberry yogurt with some whole wheat cereal, and a handful of blueberries. And several cups of coffee.

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I am seriously aroused by this thread.

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Migas enchiladas with a very spicy green sauce and a nice sprinkling of Mexican cheese; hash browns perfectly cooked (golden brown on the outside/soft on the inside); some tangy beans of any variety—black beans work well. Chased with mimosa, of course.

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I’m with @JilltheTooth, after reading @picante‘s favorite I think I need a moment alone…

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Breakfast @picante ‘s place this weekend! I’ll bring the champagne, and maybe some vodka for Bloody Marys.

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@Pied_Pfeffer and friends, lookin’ forward to seeing y’all!

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Huevos rancheros from my favorite Mexican restaurant. But If you have to eat breakfast at home, try this: take a warm tortilla, fill it with crumbled feta cheese, add your favorite marmalade, some chopped hazelnuts and a sprig or 2 of mint. Roll it up and enjoy : )

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Fruit & fibre for me throughout the week & coffee, coffee, coffee… Come the weekend I treat myself to a full English breakfast with all the trimmings! :-) Well, I have been good all week, Lol………

@filmfann…. I love steak & eggs too :-0

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Oh man. Now I’m ravenous. I really want some hash browns – scattered, smothered and covered. [stomach rumble]

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Damnit @erichw1504 , that’s what I was going to say.

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Cracker Barrel’s Grandpa’s Breakfast!

Two eggs overlight
Turkey sausage
Biscuits (4)
Sawmeal gravy

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Home made waffles with real Grade A Fancy maple syrup, some breakfast sausages and some nuked fresh peaches or apples or pears. Simple stuff, but oh so good!

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What I like is scrambled eggs on toast, with a bit of smoked salmon mixed in. Delicious! I don’t get it very often though. Usually I have either cheese on toast or poached egg on toast.

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I’m cookoo for my Cocoa Puffs!

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Toast is sooooo good.

351 Ways to Enjoy Toast

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French toast with maple syrup, bacon and hash browns with onion. Or an omelet with cheese and salsa, lots of toast and hash browns with onion.

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eggs, easy over, with sausage, turkey bacon, rosemary/garlic potatoes and hot sauce. with coffee.

or eggs benedict if i’m eating out.

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I rarely ever eat breakfast, I don’t really have time in the mornings before school. When I do (on weekends or days with no school) it’s usually just cereal or a bagel.

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Breakfast burritos, then it’s sausage and gravy, and then I would pick omelets. Oh! wait then there french toast I am quite fond of. Of course hash browns I have to order hash browns. I guess breakfast is one of my favorite meals.

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@Scooby What is a full English breakfast?

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@chyna A Full English Breakfast It is divine, other than the black pudding, but that is just the lowly opinion of an American.

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I could not eat all of that in one sitting.

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@chyna @Pied_Pfeffer A Full English is best eaten on the morning after the night before, preferably in a greasy spoon. It’s very good at settling the stomach (well, filling it with stodge, but the effect is the same), and the hangover can be quietly shunted to the back of your mind. If you’re really hardcore you have fried bread instead of toast.

(Black pudding is delicious)

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@meiosis I agree it’s definitely a sunday-morning-after-saturday-night sort of thing. Its also good if you’re not going to be having lunch until late; a plateful like that will set you up for most of the day. I love an English breakfast but I observe portion control: mine would be about half the size of that one.

Oh and I vote for black pudding being delicious too.

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@chyna, As you can see (thanks to Pied_Pfeffer) a full English is a mighty meal… I tend to have one every Saturday morning myself, as I said with all the trimmings. I prefer the Cumberland sausage & also go for both fried bread as well as a couple of rounds of toast…… Black pudding is a must, no English could be a full one without IMO… And yes it sets you up for the rest of the day, or at least in my case, up to early evening, say six o’clock.. You could observe portion control & still have yourself a hearty breakfast but for me it’s a once a week treat so I really like to push the boat out…… thanks Guys ;-)

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And don’t forget the HP sauce!

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;-) it’s a must…...

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@Pied_Pfeffer I learned a great trick with HP sauce (also called brown sauce). It’s based on the same recipe as Chinese Hoi Sin sauce, and a spoonful in a stir fry with noodles is absolutely delicious.

Now I have a friend who lives in California, and she came over to England to visit and we were in this “greasy spoon” cafe where we had a cup of coffee. Now in California, apparently if there’s a brown sauce on the table it is likely to be chocolate, so she squirted a big dollop of it in her coffee!

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