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Is it always noisy when BART runs under the Bay?

Asked by justin (179points) March 31st, 2008

I rode BART the other day, and it always shocks me how loud it gets at certain points; between Civic Center and Mission, between Embarcadero and West Oakland when it runs under the Bay. A friend said it is not as loud during commute times. Is this true? Why? Does the frequency of trains affect the noise?

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Two reasons the trains are quieter during commute hours:

1. More people on the train dampen the noise. (It’s just as loud, but doesn’t echo as much0

2. Trains run slower b/c there are more piling up near stations.

The really loud bits I find between 24th-Mission and Glen Park—I bought noise reducing headphones b/c I commuted over there for a while. It’s definitely enough to damage your hearing.

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God, it makes my skin crawl when it’s all loud like that. I never noticed that sometimes it’s quieter though. I generally am not on it during commute times.

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