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Do you think the high speed train in Florida will be successful?

Asked by JLeslie (65195points) April 16th, 2022 from iPhone

By successful I mean utilized a lot and profitable.

Brightline train is a high speed rail being built in Florida by private investors, the only one if it’s kind in the US. It is already running from Miami to West Palm Beach, although not really a fast train in southeast Florida because of the congestion and multiple stops, but track is being laid to continue the route to Orlando International Airport (MCO) and that stretch will hit speeds of 125 mph, and negotiations are in play to connect from MCO to Disney and then beyond to Tampa. The current Amtrak train does not stop at the airport and does not go to Disney.

Here is a YouTube link showing the stations and train. Check-in is similar to a flight, your bags are scanned and you walk through metal detectors.

Here is a link for the Brightline website:

Here is a link for the wikipedia page:

Here is a YouTube link about the new track proposals in the Orlando area regarding routes, and some of the politics and financial obstacles with possible coordination with local municipal train lines and the video touches on the financials compared to high speed in other countries:

How much more would you pay to go from Miami to Orlando in 3 hours instead of 6 or 8 (times vary) and would you rather drive instead? The drive is 3.5–4.5 hours depending where in Miami and if you need to stop on the way and of course traffic conditions. There are flights also.

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I don’t know, but I hope so. The entire I-95 corridior from Miami up to Palm beach and further is a real traffic mess, even with multiple highways paralleling each other.

And then the left turn to Orlando – again, multiple roads and horrible traffic.

I don’t know enough about prevailing costs, but if they can be comeptitive, then I hope they succeed.

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