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Californians: How many voters are voting "yes" on Prop 19?

Asked by Evelyn_475 (787points) October 15th, 2010

Are you voting “yes” or “no” on proposition 19 and why?

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Hahaha. This is like the opposite of the traditional wedge issue. The Republicans always put shit on the ballot like (constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage) to get the voters who only care about that but will vote Republican while they are there.

This is like a left version of that.

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I voted yes with some hesitation. It’s pretty meaningless while there is a federal law against marijuana use, but I am for the decriminalization of pot. Legalize it and then tax the hell out of it.

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When I got my mail-in ballot, the first thing I bubbled in was Yes on 19.
I don’t have any plans to smoke pot, even if 19 passes.

I want less money wasted on the drug war. Less money wasted on imprisoning non-violent drug offenders. Reduced power in drug cartels. Less money wasted on dealing with drug cartels. More tax revenue. Less dependence on other states/Mexico.

Marijuana is far less dangerous to people than tobacco and alcohol, so given the legality of the latter two, I completely cannot understand why marijuana is illegal.

I wish our state could make up its mind in the polls. I’m not entirely sure where they’re sampling from. I think it’s mostly home phone sampling, which would mean that the college-aged people are underrepresented, given that most of them only have cell phones.

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I made my decision to vote “yes” once I verified that marijuana would be treated like cigarettes in that smoking it in public places where I would have to breathe it won’t be allowed. I agree with Rarebear that it may have little effect until/unless Federal laws change.

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I am definitely voting yes. I have long felt that it’s a ridiculous and stupid waste of money and resources to prosecute people for marijuana growing, use, or possession. It’s a topic of interest to me and I even wrote a thesis paper on the matter. The truth is that loads of people use marijuana for recreational and medical reasons and, in many ways, it is less toxic, less addictive, and less harmful in general than alcohol. It makes no logical sense to me, then, that alcohol should be legal and marijuana not.

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I’m voting yes.

Some law enforcement people think that if weed is legalized that there will be a substantial increase in people driving DUI

I disagree for the following reasons:

1. In most circumstances alcohol impairs driving a lot more than weed does.

I’ve DUI of weed and only been ticketed once while high. That was in May, 1979 for going 75 in a 55 on southbound I5 near Valencia, CA.
That part of the I5 is mostly straight and 4 lanes in each direction. The speed limit there was 55 only because of a fuel-“shortage” motivated push for less consumption, which led to a nationally-imposed maximum limit of 55.
Nowadays most cars going through that section are going 75 and the unofficial CHP speed-limit policy is “As long as they keep it under 80….”.

2. Since most people who are going to consume weed already do regardless of its illegality, any increase in weed-caused DUI’s will be at most negligible. If there is an increase in the number of weed consumers, it will be due mostly to n00b tokers who would eventually try it even it remained illegal.

Besides, if there aren’t already statutes against driving in any impaired state, then legalizing weed won’t really present an obstacle to enacting such statutes.
AFAIK, there are no provisions in Prop 19 that legalize smoking while driving.

According to NORML , “Marijuana Legalization Could Yield California $1.5—$2.5 Billion Per Year”.

Don’t let the putrid legacy of Harry Anslinger stand in the way of a groovier state. :-p

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Yup. And @johnpowell is correct. It’s an obvious measure to get the younger crowd to vote. I hope it works.

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of course! I don’t think pot is worse than alcohol or cigs, so why not make it legal.

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I’m voting yes.

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